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Monday, December 1, 2014

Fade Into Me

In case you missed it, Charity Bradford's Kickstarter project is fully funded! Hooray!

Didn't hear about it? That's okay. When it's released, you can buy the book and support her that way.

What's it about? I'm glad you asked...

Aliens live among us. Their purpose: to protect and nurture their greatest mistake—mankind.

Caedan Frey’s family has fulfilled this duty for thousands of years, but it doesn’t free him from his obligation as prince of the Reparation. Although he doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it, he has two months to marry one or face the wrath of the High Council. Bitter about a responsibility he thinks prevents him from marrying for love, he figures any human girl will do. He's ready to propose to one when his soul mate stumbles into—and right out—of his arms.

Human, Ryanne Killian might be his one shot at happiness while still fulfilling his duty. Unfortunately, she guards a dark secret within her co-dependent personality, and she thinks the only way to protect Caedan is to push him away.

Caedan must convince her she’s worthy of his love before the men from her nightmares return for a second round. If she can see her own worth, she just might save herself and his people.

Coming February 2015 (unless I can get it out in January)

Congrats, Charity.  

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mshatch said...

WooHoo! Great news, Charity!