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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quiet Treasures. Melanie Schulz

Erron. You only see him because he wants you to.

Willow knew it was her last summer for doing things her way. College and a career she didn’t want lay ahead of her. But after meeting the enigmatic Erron, her life changes in ways that define all logic. 

She knows, feels, when he is near. Her reactions are the near-mirror image of his emotions, and she can’t believe his interest in her. Friends can’t believe it either. They respond to Erron in the extreme. Either belligerent or fawning toward him.

She doesn't understand who—or what—Erron is, but all too soon, inordinate fear will crush her to a pulp.

My review. Rarely do I find a book that interests me these days. Whether it is lack of time or erring on the side of taste, I do not know, but my patience is non-existent.

Such was not the case with Erron by Melanie Schulz. Time--and the lack thereof--was still a factor, but I elbowed my projects aside when Willow and Erron grabbed me by the collar and said, "Pay attention. You won't regret it."

Fast paced, unique in many ways, the storyline surprised me. The characters are well rounded and held me enthralled for the whole book. I kept disturbing my hubby, gasping and making small noises when he was trying to watch TV but that's the hazards of having a most excellent book in my hands.

Bio. I live in upstate New York, where I've finally come to grips with the fact that I'm a writer. It's taken me six books to make it to that conclusion, but it appears to be inevitable. Not that I'm complaining; writing is like reading a good book, only you get to be the first person who discovers what happens next.

Books. The Newstead Trilogy: The Newstead Project, Bashan Agenda, and The Revenge of the Rephaim.

The Newstead Anthem: Blackbird and 2084 (I want, I want)

And Erron.

She will continue Willow’s story where Erron left off, with Willow's mental state hanging on by a thread when Erron’s plan backfires in a big way. Now everyone wants him. And he has nowhere to hide. 

Are you looking for something good to read these dreary days of clouds and rain? Pick Erron. You can't go wrong.


Huntress said...

I have Blackbird and can't begin to tell you how amazing it is.

According to the author, I'm starting in the middle, LOL. I should start with The Newstead Trilogy instead.

Oh the horror of it all. All this reading to do.
"My, oh my, oh my." - Addams Family

Chrys Fey said...

Great review! I read Erron and really enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the action/suspense. :)

Melanie Schulz said...

Thanks for spreading the word about my books!

Liz A. said...

Sounds fascinating.