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Monday, April 1, 2013

Interview with Kelley Lynn

Today we have Kelley Lynn answering our Need To Know Questions!

1) Name of you and Title of your Book.
Kelley Lynn and I wrote FRACTION OF STONE    
2) Do you prefer to write in your PJ's or Jeans/t-shirt?
I'd prefer to live in my PJs/Sweats. Haha. So I would choose to write in that too.

3) Salty? Sweet? Or Carrot Sticks with Hummus?
I should answer carrot sticks with hummus but even though I'm a fairly healthy eater I don't really like carrots or hummus. Haha. But give me a chocolate covered pretzel. Heaven! (Which is both sweet and salty...)

4) If you were going to be stranded on an island alone for a year what three things would you be so glad to not have to deal with for that year?
Ooo, this is a great question. 1) Slow people in the left lane. 2) Cleaning 3) I think it's good I'm struggling to come up with three of these...haha

5) TV Shows or Movies? Why? (We all know Books come first...!)
TV Shows. They're shorter so I find I can fit them in. Though I do love movies. I just need to find time to watch them. :)

6) What is your absolute Favorite part of the writing process? 
Showing the growth of characters. Pushing, stretching, watching them change. And most importantly, making the readers connect with those characters.

7) What secret, non-writing related, skill do you have?
I can sing. Used to sing in a band but it took a lot of time so I only make guest appearances every so often.
8) Who do you most wish would knock on your door, RIGHT NOW!
Prince Charming :) Or some version there of. haha!

9) What is your favorite flavor Jolly Rancher?
Watermelon. But I'll take any of them.
10) Write a 50 word (or so) flash using these 5 words. 
The gladiator climbed the hill, sweating, grunting and gasping for breath. Halfway up, his calf cramped. It would be impossible to jump on one foot up the hill, which was beginning to look more like a mountain. Then the gladiator heard, "Pst, over here." He turned his head and saw a turtle who said, "Wait right there. I've got the key to your success."

Thank you Kelley!

You can find Kelley at her Blog Adventures Between the Bookends.
So be sure to check her out there!
As well as on Amazon and Goodreads!


mooderino said...

Nice interview. I try to eat carrot sticks and hummus. I don't, but I try.

Moody Writing

Kelley Lynn said...

Thanks so much for letting me visit! This was SO fun :)

mshatch said...

yeah it would be great if we all actually liked carrot sticks and hummus, wouldn't it? And I'm with you Kelley, chocolate covered pretzels cuz salty sweet is the best :)

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

(I like carrots and hummus...)