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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interview with Aja Hannah

Today...in the Interview Hot Seat I bring you...
1) Name of you and Title of your Book.

Aja Hannah, Zarconian Island

2) Do you prefer to write in your PJ's or Jeans/t-shirt?

PJ's. Sweats are too tight.

3) Salty? Sweet? Or Carrot Sticks with Hummus?

Sweet. Chocolatey goodness in my face hole.

4) If you were going to be stranded on an island alone for a year what three things would you be so glad to not have to deal with for that year?

Ha! My story is actually about kids being stranded on an island. So, I would say dealing with bills/money, dressing appropriately, and the arbitrary and stiff rules of society like small talk.

5) TV Shows or Movies? Why? (We all know Books come first...!)

TV Shows. You spend less for more episodes. If one is a miss, there will always be another chance for a hit.

6) What is your absolute Favorite part of the writing process? 

Dreaming up the stories. If I could replay the stories a thousand times in my head, I would. So much happens and I just hope I do it credit enough on paper.

7) What secret, non-writing related, skill do you have?

I'm really good with small kids. When people find out that I work in childcare, they are always surprised because I'm so crazy outside of my job. But I love kids and I've worked professionally with them since I was 17.

8) Who do you most wish would knock on your door, RIGHT NOW!

My current boyfriend! No, scratch that. I've still got that "just woke up" face on. So...no one. Leave me be.

9) What is your favorite flavor Jolly Rancher?

The purple kind? If that's a flavor.

10) Write a 50 word (or so) flash using these 5 words. 

In the league of gladiator turtles, only one turtle would win the key to the treasure trove of toast. Turtlicious had all the luck. Before the match, lady-turtles stuffed him full of sweet ladybugs. But no turtle could guess that those lovely lady lucks would cause an inner shell-cramp. And, as no luck would have it, Turtnerd took the toast.
Thank you Aja! Find her book on Amazon
Enjoy the rest of A-Z!


mshatch said...

Loved the turtle flash fiction, lol.

Aja said...

Thanks. I want a pet turtle one day.

Anonymous said...
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Huntress said...

*still laughing*

This goes to the top of my famous list of Interviews That Made Me Laugh Uncontrollably and Annoy the Hubby.