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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interview with L. Blankenship

Welcome to Unicorn Bell! (That's for all the A-Z'ers!)

We here at UB aren't 'technically' doing a theme...but I wanted to do something fun that helped promote newly published authors...

So I put together a fun little interview for these newly published authors to answer...

This week I will post their answers! Let's Begin!

1) Name of you and Title of your Book.
L. Blankenship, author of Disciple, Part II. Oh, and Part I also. More about L's books here.

2) Do you prefer to write in your PJ's or Jeans/t-shirt?
Jeans and t-shirt. But no shoes.

3) Salty? Sweet? Or Carrot Sticks with Hummus?
All of the above!

4) If you were going to be stranded on an island alone for a year what three things would you be so glad to not have to deal with for that year?
1. Housecleaning
2. Squirrels in the attic
3. Holidays

5) TV Shows or Movies? Why? (We all know Books come first...!)
That's a tough one, but I'd take a well-written TV series over a movie. Because the series can tackle longer storylines…. assuming it doesn't fall on its face in the process.

6) What is your absolute Favorite part of the writing process? 
Brainstorming! Closely followed by world-building

7) What secret, non-writing related, skill do you have?
Knitting/crocheting. It helps me think.

8) Who do you most wish would knock on your door, RIGHT NOW!
Someone who could patch the squirrel-sized holes in the attic for free.

9) What is your favorite flavor Jolly Rancher?
Don't care for any of them, actually.

10) Write a 50 word (or so) flash using these 5 words. 

Be a gladiator, they said. Hear the crowd roar, take your pick of the groupies. Nothing about the cramps or the sunburn, needing lock and key to keep your gear safe… or stumbling down to the kitchen and finding a turtle eating your toast. I must've finally lost my mind.

Thank you L.! Make sure you head to Amazon, and Goodreads to find her marvelous books!


Nate and Angie said...
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Angie said...

What a fun interview! I agree with you on Jolly Ranchers and brainstorming. I am excited for the interviews to come :)

Charity Bradford said...

L, love your flash fiction. And, to everyone else, I've read Disciple Part I and it's excellent!

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Fun format for short interviews.

Happy A to Z!
(I'm doing EIGHT blogs. Whew.)
Here's one:
A is for Absent - Rhymed Acrostics from A to Z

Huntress said...

Squirrels in your attic?
Well that explains a lot. Or is that a euphemism for something else? *still laughing*

Chiming in with Charity with this one. Alliterations aside, Disciple is one of the best I've been honored to beta. Unique and without a doubt some darn fine writing.

mshatch said...

yeah, I'll skip the jolly ranchers, too and I loved the flash fiction :)