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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rule #1

If there's one sure way to improve your writing skills it's to practice. It might not make you perfect (who is?) but it will make you pretty good. Even if you can only carve out an hour a day in which to write something - anything - you will eventually improve your craft. And if you make more time to write? You'll get better faster.

A while back I was doing just that, carving out an hour here and there between all the other things I had to do. But I wasn't getting where I wanted to go very fast so I decided to change my strategy. I quit watching a lot of tv (and yes! I miss it but it had to be done) and I quit trying to keep my house super clean and perfect. Now I write for a few hours almost every night plus 4-6 hours on the weekends (a little less in the summer and a little more in the winter). And guess what? Not only am I getting better but I'm also getting closer to my goal. Practice has made a difference.

If you want some extra practice time as well as an opportunity to discuss what you're working on, consider heading over to the Practice Room (see the picture on the sidebar). There are times to fit everyone's schedule and writers just like you who are trying to improve their craft. I usually go on Monday nights. Maybe I'll see you there :)

As for Rule #2, I'd have to say reading. What do you think? Or, care to add Rule #3?


1000th.monkey said...

Rule #3: Improve your observational skills.

Watch other people carefully, take note of body language, speech patterns, and how they interact with each, or pay attention to different clothes on the street.

...and then take note of that street so you can later capture it through all five senses in a couple of clearly written sentences ;)

mshatch said...

that's an excellent rule and one which I often employ :)

Angela Brown said...

Rule #1 is so important. I have a lot of work to do there. I like 1000th.monkey's Rule #3.

Perhaps add Rule #4...or it can go lower or something :-) - Open your mind to view the world around you beyond assumptions. It can allow your mind to become fertile ground for spectacular ideas. And don't forget to write them down.

Tara Tyler said...

what's rule #2?

and i'd say making time for practice is the key!

happy celebrations!

Huntress said...

Great suggestions!

Reading established authors and comparing their writing style is one of my tricks.

(actually, that is my post for monday)

Old Kitty said...

Hello!! I came over to read Marcy's story but this is a great rule to adhere too! Practice definitely makes perfect!! And time management too! Yay! :-) Take care