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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Critique Partner

I cannot say this enough: A Beta or critique partner is beyond price.

The best partner tells you gently in the firm tones of a friend and teacher that your beloved manuscript sucks.
Think of them like a tool that fine-tunes an instrument, carves the finishing scroll on a wooden plaque, that last brush-stroke of a painting.

Without them, your MS is incomplete because you can never look at your manuscript with an objective eye.
To those who submitted this week, look at the ones who critiqued your work. Is there someone who you believe would make a good match for your style? If so, go to their website, see what they have done and accomplished.

If they have potential and seem a good fit, contact them, see if they feel the same.
I sure will.


Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Tiny Contest.


Pk Hrezo said...

So so true! It is mandatory to have good CPs.

S.E. Gaime (aka defcon) said...

*throws two cents out there*

I agree about good critique partners, but I don't believe in the "gentle" approach. I prefer blunt force trauma critiques, lol. And yes, I know some people can't handle that sort of harshness, but at the same time, that's what you're going to face out there in the big writing world. So might as well get use to it.

Also, it's easier to let gentle critiques slide, whereas harsh ones sting you in the side for days to come. The point of a harsh critique is to motivate you; show your critic that you can too write that scene/character/voice.