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Friday, February 5, 2016

Hokey Smokes. A Cover Reveal, Callisto's Ghost

You know this author. She wrote the incomparable series, Disciple

The lady had me in emotional distress—she can tell you—from yelling at these characters to bawling my eyes out. An amazing gamut of silence, yelling, silence, and tears—the hubby can tell you.

L. Blankenship has a new series To Be Published soon and gave me permission to showcase the cover reveal. 

Honored? Oh YESSSSS!


a hard science fiction adventure novella
#1 of 3
on sale March 15, 2016
only through Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Shen took the long way home to Jupiter's moons. He got lost in a dark world of slavery for years and it left scars on his soul. In earning his freedom, he picked up an assortment skills useful in certain parts of society and became a ghost in the machine. Shen gave his loyalty to those who showed him kindness and now he has to take on his toughest job yet to keep them safe: breaking into the powerful surveillance corporation that’s already looking for him.
Lena cut a deal with that same corporation to escape court-ordered mental reprogramming. The deal brought her out to Jupiter’s Callisto colony and put her to work tracking ghosts, but no hacker fits into cubicle life well. As she's chafing under the terms, she's handed a new hunt: someone who’s been eluding them for years.   
But he’s worth more to her as an escape from slavery — if they both survive.
cover reveal & sample scene available at my blog on
February 15, 2016

It's been a while! I hope you'll join me in this new series of novels. They've been waiting for their turn in the spotlight while I was publishing Disciple. 

Cover art by Pierre Demet 


Liz A. said...

Oooh, exciting. Congrats, L.

mshatch said...

Big congrats L!

Cathrina Constantine said...

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