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Monday, February 8, 2016

Quote-Tastic Mondays

It's my week again, and again I have no new book tours scheduled. Sigh. (If you have a book you'd like to promote during the week of April 4th-8th, let me know.) So, this week we're going to explore some reading and writing weekly bloghops.

On Mondays, Anna from herding cats & burning soup hosts Quote-Tastic...

From the site:
Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another.

You can add a review or post just a quote. You can post other days of the week too. Totally flexible.

Everyone's welcome to join in. Authors, bloggers, readers. The more the merrier!

Just grab the button and toss up your post :) No blog? No worries, just leave your favorites in the comment section or in a FB post and link it up.

You know you want to share that wonderful book you've been reading. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.

What have you been reading?


Huntress said...

Although I'm not prepared to call it wonderful yet, I've been reading Bones of the Dragon by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

It's a series. I bought the second one but not sure I'm going to buy the next two so that says something I guess.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I am currently enjoying reading TruthWitch by Susan Dennard. In the book there is a hilarious scene where while they are trying to escape detection by tricking some guards, Safiya gets enraged because a seagull flies by and craps on her.

betty said...

I finished about a week ago "An Absent Mind" by Eric Rill; story about Alzheimer's told first person through the man afflicted with it, his wife and other family members. Very well written; very sad. At the end of the book, I told my husband if I get Alzheimer's to put me in a care facility sooner than later and not to wear himself out being a caregiver.


diedre Knight said...

I enjoyed two books this past weekend: Gone Again, by Doug Johnstone - an intensely emotional roller-coaster, laced with enough action to keep my heart racing until the very last page.
and The Secret Daughter, by Kelly Rimmer - An absolutely indelible story of how best intentions can inadvertently cause the worst results when a woman (adopted as a child) tries to reclaim a past she never knew.

"It's later now than it was before..." ~ Radar, MASH 4077