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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


This week it’s about the popular book, movie, or TV show that fell flat like a bad cake.

Please. No hating on me for my likes and dislikes. As the last literary agent said in her rejection letter, personal preference is subjective.

Doctor Who. The Doctor, the last of a race called the Timelords, travels through time and space in his TARDIS with numerous companions. Whenever he is killed, he can regenerate into a new person and continue living, which is how the show has been around over 50 years.

Why can’t I like this show? *pounding head on wall*
It has a cool sci-fi premise. The What If premise is wall-to-wall. The characters are cool.

*low grumbling*

Maybe it’s because I got in on the series late. I liked the former Who-man, David Tennant. 

Kinda cute, yanno. 

But the current Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, just doesn’t do it for me.

I simply can’t get into it.

Okay I know for a fact that Charity is gasping in horror at my opinion. Can I horrify someone else? Give me twenty-four hours and I bet I can.


mshatch said...

I have yet to get into this series as well even though I really wanted to. Ah well.

Diana Wilder said...

I tried to watch it a long time ago. I turned it on, and the super-villain made an appearance... Ah... Uh... He looked like what would happen if you stood before a high-velocity fan when the you-know-what hit it.

I wasn't hooked, and I never came back. Then I moved to where they didn't have TV (tells you how long ago that was) and that was that.

Ah, well. Would it help if I told you that on a Facebook test I came out as being Dr. Who #1?

Charity Bradford said...

:) Not completely gasping. I didn't hit the floor anyway. And you'd probably die to know that I could care less about The Walking Dead.

It's no secret I love all things Who. In fact I've gone back to watch the classic episodes available on Netflix. They're okay, but there are lots of gaps. Anyway, I do understand not being in love with Peter Capaldi. Doctor Who is really a love it or not kind of thing. I've not found a lot of in between on that. David Tennant and Matt Smith were excellent doctors. They pulled in a new crowd set with their energy and quirkiness. That makes Capaldi's Doctor that more jarring. He's more serious and kind of mean at times. Even I'm not sure yet what I think of him.

Huntress said...

Marcy - I can't find much to watch on TV these days. Humans and Mr. Robot were summer fillers and about the best stuff but they are on hiatus. Justified, one of my all-time faves, is gone. The Originals was good once but gotten blah.

*sigh* nothing left but Walking Dead. But that's good enough.

Huntress said...

Diana - Euwwwww. Okay, another reason not to watch.

But compatible with Dr. Who? Whoa. Some alternate personality ya got there.

Huntress said...

Charity - *still laughing* So glad you didn't hurt yourself.

I'll ask the question again...Why can't I love this show? Don't know. wish I did.

And you don't know what you're missing regarding TWD. *and STILL laughing*

Tyrean Martinson said...

I tried it and couldn't seem to get into it either. My kids have friends who love it, and so we tried again and again with different seasons, and still . . . we just didn't get into it. I like the premise. I know it's supposed to be cheesy. I even like a certain amount of cheese, but I haven't gotten hooked on Who-ness.

Thanks for admitting that you don't either so now I can, too. I was afraid that Whovians might shun my blog. (And, I don't watch Walking Dead even though a guy I grew up next door to is involved in the making of it - yes, double shame. Please no blog Whovian Zombie attacks!)

Liz A. said...

I had heard about Doctor Who kind of vaguely and knew it was something I should seek out eventually. But I had other things going on, so I didn't think on it too hard.

Then I stumbled across a new iteration. I didn't hear much about what it was, but it was called Doctor Who and it was airing on the SciFi Channel. This was 2005. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but it was on at the right time and I didn't hate it.

It took me a while to get the feel of it. That first season (with Eccleston) gave me a taste for it. Then came the Tennant years.

It took a while for me to really, really get into it. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a diehard fan. I tried to get my niece into it. No go. My nephew has just started watching, and he's hooked.

I tried to get my mother into it. The episode in question is "Blink". She's refused to ever watch another episode. Although, most consider this the best episode of the current iteration and think it's a good way to get a newbie into the show.

We all have our own tastes. I'll never be shocked that someone doesn't like something I like. In fact, I'm generally more shocked when someone does share my taste.