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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Writing Prompt Generator Romance

We're continuing with our random generator prompts today in the romance genre. I admit these are way over the top, but fun none the less. All of them came from Seventh Sanctum. Here's our rules, same as the other day:

I'll give you the set up, you create the characters and write a brief (200 word) synopsis of the story. It's a query!

Choose one of the following:

A plain novelist is in love with a hot scientist. What role will a cab driver with unexpected depths play in their relationship?

A humble performance artist is in love with a paranoid hockey player. Yet, how can a veterinarian tear them apart?

An immature computer programmer falls passionately in love with an unbalanced doctor - all thanks to temptation while visiting a port city.

A clumsy repairman runs into a detective searching for truth. What starts as confusion becomes love.


Huntress said...

I am no good at romance genre

Marc Hudson said...

I would choose third prompt from your list. Maybe you should make something like this http://youressayhelper.com/writing-prompt-generator.html