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Monday, May 25, 2015

Random Generators and Writing Prompts for Action Films

Okay, I have a confession to make. My number one procrastination destination is a site full of generators. Names, organizations, settings, character traits, medical equipments, weapons, you name it! I've never really used the story generator, but I thought it would be fun to try it out this week.

You know, get those creative juices flowing.

First, let me tell you about the site. It's called Seventh Sanctum and I seriously adore this site. It's where I go when I need to find names or if I'm just bored. The fun never ends when I'm there. Often I have to remind myself to go back to my manuscript.

Seriously, just go hang out over there.

Now, for today's prompt I pulled something off the one titled Action Film Trailers. I'll give you the tagline to the "movie" and you write a brief synopsis (200 words) of what the movie is about. Create some characters, show us what's at stake, that kind of thing. This is great practice for writing queries!

(And don't worry, we'll have other genres represented this week.)

Pick one of the following:

In an empire of dreams and panic, five planetary explorers hope to find the cure for a deadly disease.

In a world of hopelessness and illusions, an FBI agent attempts to avert the destruction of mankind.

In a city of misery, in an age of necromancy, a martial artist opposes an evil supercomputer.

On a planet of monsters and doom, a magician and a nurse seek love and oppose an army of raiders.


Huntress said...

(In a world of hopelessness and illusions, an FBI agent attempts to avert the destruction of mankind)

If Quint Taylor can’t find something to eat every day, it makes him very, very grumpy. But that’s his life two days out of ten. And he’s one of the lucky ones.

As an agent for the FBI, he’s privileged. What do you expect when the world is going to the dogs—roasted preferably. His job is security, monitoring foodstuffs and organizing the distribution, a job description that doesn’t include computer software. Or a malignant artificial intelligence looking to rid the Earth of its infestation of bipeds.

He doubts his hero-status and questions how one man can save humanity...until someone he holds dear is knocking at Death’s Door. Quint learns what it means to battle the Ethernet and A.I. to save his unwanted, unsanctioned child, the child he didn’t know he needed to survive.

Charity Bradford said...

That's awesome! How do I follow that? Okay, I'm working on one while my family tries to figure out what to do today. :)

Charity Bradford said...

Here's mine. It starts good then kind of falls a part at the end.

(In an empire of dreams and panic, five planetary explorers hope to find the cure for a deadly disease.)

Connor Bakhit dreamed his first somnambulant when he was twelve. Lucky for him it was his mother comforting him after her death. As more dreamers woke creatures and machines of a more wicked intent, Connor’s angel taught him how to control his own dreams.

Twenty years later, the government tries to keep down the growing panic by locking away the dreamers. However, there’s never been a structure built that can hold the dreams of the depraved. Connor’s made himself useful, thus giving him a modicum of freedom. When scientists theorize the living dreams are a result of bacteria spread across the earth from a meteorite, they send Connor to lead four astronauts in search of a cure.

With his ability to create anything they need in the dream state, they follow the trail of the meteorite to its home system. Every new planet verifies the only way to stop the dreams is to exterminate the dreamers. Will Connor sign his own death notice or can he find another way?

Liz A. said...

Sounds like fun. Maybe I'll play later. My brain already did creative mode today, and now I'm on blog-reading mode.