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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Trap that is Politics

Everyone has a view of the world order. Or lack thereof. I don’t doubt it.

But for pity’s sake, don’t express them to your fans unless committing career suicide is your goal.

I see this often. A favored writer going into rant-mode about a law that has or has not passed. Social injustice. Political parties. aIEEEEEE.

Stop. Just stop.

Of course, have an opinion. Research. Have solid facts. Vote. Express your belief to friends and family. 

But don’t spout off to your fans and potential readers.

I dropped one favored author because of his views. Hey, it’s fine to see things differently than I do. I don’t have a problem with that. But saturate your new book with these leanings and I am out of there.

Same with writing blogs. You can bet on offending at least fifty percent of your clientele if you go on a rant-binge.

Facebook. You are violently in favor/disagree with a new law and post a FB-driven news organization’s view on the matter. If I do research and find a reputable news outlet that disputes the Screamer Network, will you read the dissenting view? After reading your vitriol in the comment section, probably not. Unfriend.

Summary. Confine your opinions about explosive issues to close friends and family. Keep an open mind on another’s POV on said matters. Do not spew vitriol and resort to name-calling.

Above all, have an opinion. But realize that others, feeling  just as strongly, might object. And you might lose a reader.


collenga said...

Oh my gosh, so true! I'm friends with and follow many authors on Facebook and there are several with extreme viewpoints that are so over the top i want to scream! And its like they don't even seem to have their own point of view, its more like they tote the party line no matter what. ..

Misha Gerrick said...

I agree. I mean, all respect to everyone having an opinion, but I'm not a fan of having opinions forced down my throat.

Huntress said...

I respect all opinions also and I am open to all viewpoints. Walk a mile, etc.
But convincing me to change my mind with name-calling and vitriol is not the way to do it.

The author went on a 300 page rant in the last book I read of his. My review went something like "shut up and sing".

Angela Brown said...


I respect having an opinion and differing views. What's difficult is having somthing screamed at me with nothing to back it up other than it's their opinion. And then for the screaming to be a continuous thing.


Yeah, that's a way to lose a reader.

Charity Bradford said...

I love having intelligent discussions on things. What bothers me is when someone is so strapped into their own opinion that they don't even attempt to listen to the other side. I've blocked people on facebook because I got tired of it all. I'll post to your wall, but I don't want to talk to a wall. :)

dolorah said...

I object! Just had to go there :)

It is so easy to post indepth opinions online, and only takes a few seconds to regret that. Look how many poor souls get cyber bullied for their unpopular remarks. I do enjoy well thought out debates, but gotta be careful about those expressed opinions.

Totally agree with Charity: I'll post to your wall, but I don't want to talk to a wall. :)

Liz A. said...

Or a family member. I have a couple of family members who no longer follow each other on FB due to political disagreements. Which is why I remain silent on the issues.

Huntress said...

Angela-Screaming never changed a mind. Not even when I scream at Hubby, "For Heavens sake, leave the toilet seat down."

Charity-Love discussion. Love hearing facts from friends and family and allowing them to present them. Yelling though. Not for me.

Dolorah-So cool seeing you again! And yes, those lurkers/bullies/trolls will kill the comment sections eventually. Same with reviews given on Amazon if they don't start policing their site.

Liz-Oh boy. The stories I could tell.