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Friday, August 15, 2014

Cover reveal: DISCIPLE, PART V

But first, to answer my own questions...

Have you ever re-read a book until it fell apart? 
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe -- and yes, I still have it, detached cover, escaping pages and all. It was part of a boxed set of the Narnia series, and between that and the nearly-as-badly-wrecked copy of Prince Caspian, the books no longer fit in their nice little box.

Have you ever gone someplace or done something exclusively as research for a story? 
Recently, I had a chance to fire pistols of a variety of sizes and that is something that any writer should do sometime, if possible.

But to give an answer that's more relevant to Disciple, I did take the chance to walk in the woods outside my parents' house during one Christmas visit. It had been 15 years since I'd been in a New England forest during the winter, and a big chunk of Disciple is set in that environment. Standing there in the thin snow, half tangled in brambles near a tiny, frost-glazed creek -- I could almost hear Nipper's bridle jingle as he shook his head. Could feel my characters there in spirit. That left me with damp eyes.

What's the best piece of writing advice you've gotten?
That your first million words are your apprenticeship to the writing craft, and nobody needs to ever see them (if necessary). I needed all million to learn to write, believe me! And I have seen the need to "only write something worthy of publishing" paralyze writers because they aren't willing to "waste time" while they learn how to write.

Disciple, Part V
Kate faces winter with a broken heart: betrayed by one lover, the other lost to her.

Kiefan will not give up on the alliance his kingdom desperately needs — even though the Caer queen refuses to speak to him.

Anders, alone and despairing, faces the Empress’s seductive offers of power and privilege.

Each of them must carry the ongoing war in their own way, whether cold, alone, or backed into a corner. Each must patch together a broken heart as best they can. Duty will throw them together soon enough and they must be ready.

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Liz A. said...

Beautiful cover. Looks like an interesting read.

Charity Bradford said...

I agree with Liz, I think this is the best cover yet!

Huntress said...

Ditto. This cover is by far the best.

mshatch said...

I concur!