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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Magical World

So, it looks like everyone is on summer vacation. And since I'll be busy moving IRL (don't ask), I'm just going to give you all a few brain teasers to get the writerly juices flowing.

On my blog once a week, I post a what if question. I'm not seeking answers but putting out there an idea that may or may not generate story. That's one thing in speculative fiction--ideas can come from anywhere and aren't limited by the mundane world we see around us.

I hope you'll play along. And maybe a question will be the jumping off point for your next novel.

In fantasy stories, there is a subgenre where people manage to travel through portals to other worlds, either to get into ours or to get away from it. These other worlds (the ones that aren't ours) always seem to contain magic...

What if our world was the world that was the most magical?


Huntress said...

Oh boy. I read a story with a big twist in college about a girl pulled into a world where no one could understand her language.

It was NOT told from her viewpoint but from a person in the *strange* world. From the start, everything about the story leads the reader to believe the MC lived on Earth. The surprise came at the end when it was revealed that *she* was the one from Earth.
It was a jaw-dropper.
Very cool story. Wish I could remember the name.

Liz A. said...

Sounds fascinating. Kinda Twilight Zone-esc.