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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Pair of Prompt Days!

This week, I’ve been focusing on the matter of getting inspired to stay in the writing game. There are oodles of sources for inspiration. You need not look much further than internally (like dreams for example), or maybe even just what’s in front of your face for the external. It doesn’t require a scientific expedition necessarily to locate a treasure trove of literary stimulation.

But then there are times when the inspiration doesn’t come as quickly as we like. Sometimes we need a little nudge, or in the extreme cases, a great, big shove. (Gentle shoves, please. No one falls into the mud on my watch!) This is where writing prompts come in handy. I’ve got two sets of them for you. Today, a prompt for poetry. Tomorrow, regular prose.

My favorite form of poetry is the haiku. Not only is it fun to try and come up with the 5-7-5 syllable verses, but I’ve found some amazing stuff that can come from it.

Your challenge today is to try and form haikus using any of the following items listed below. (One point of kudos per item listed.) Or if you’re so bold, go for broke and come up with a haiku entirely on your own. (5 big Kudos points here for striking it big by standing out!)

The word choices:

Dolphins     Apples    Seven
Pink           Flour        Jets
Spiders      Sunshine   December
Velvet        Books      Running
Dancing     Skipping   Dogs
Jousting     Sleeping    Cameras
Blue          Roosters     Brown

By the way, a quick word about Kudos Points (KP). I like to think that despite of the “competition” in the writing industry, we’re really just competing with ourselves to write the best poems and stories we possibly can. So I won’t be keeping track of KP, but if you want to shout-out your KP to the world, feel more than free to do so! Woohoo! Now let’s see some haikus!


Tara Tyler said...

love haikus! here you go!

pink skipping dolphins
velvet bodies dancing through
the warm sea sunset

sleeping dogs wakened
by brown, crowing rooster who
is running for life

mshatch said...

blue dogs running
after seven blue roosters
December dreaming

Huntress said...

(first off, I had to Google Haiku. Second, I have no iDeA if this is right)

Apples falling thunk
Jiggles spiders dancing prim
Wakens dogs by tree

Unknown said...

Hello! I'm following you from the campaign! :)

Those are all good haikus! I'm going to take a pass on this one though, because any poetry I try will make you cringe. :)

Matthew MacNish said...

The taste of velvet
Sleeping on my blue brown lips
Jousting like sunshine

Brooke R. Busse said...

Pink velvet dancing
Like sunshine down the carpet
Cameras watching

Tara Tyler said...

love y'all's haiku!
great job and fun prompt!