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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two *Very* Different Novels

A Dead God’s Wrath

Rusty Webb put together a novelette that is timely, combining Western with Sci-Fi. An incredible accomplishment.

With Cowboys and Aliens in the movie theaters, Mr. Webb must be physic.

This tale is horses, guns, and dust. With a little of the Wow factor thrown in the mix.

Bad Taste in Boys

CarrieHarris loves zombies, creepy ones at that. This YA gives us a taste *shiver* of her mortal obsession.

Set in a high school, this novel combines coming of age with an outbreak of zombies. After Kate barely escapes an attack, she rolls up her sleeves to follow the clues. She must discover how to control the contagion before zombie-ism overcomes someone she loves.

A rockin’ good time, kinda gross but very satisfying. *erp*


Anonymous said...

Both books sound awesome... totally up my alley:)

Rusty Webb said...
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Rusty Webb said...

I can't believe I missed this when it went up! Awesome. Thanks for the review.