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Friday, August 19, 2011

submission request

As you may remember, last time it was my week we had the first page of people's second chapter. I know some of you thought it was strange but like I said, not only does your first page have to be good, but all the rest of the pages, too. After all, once you've sent your query and first five or whatever the guidelines call for, sooner or later an agent is going to request more. It might be the first fifty, or it might be the entire manuscript. Now is not the time to scramble to make it all better, to polish til it shines. You want your whole manuscript ready to go when that request comes. Hence the first page second chapter submission request.

For Monday I have Hero Games, which I hope you will all come and check out and give some feedback on. But I have zip for the rest of the week so if you'd like to send me your first page second chapter please do! My email: marcy@tidewater.net and please put unicorn bell in the subject line and paste your submission along with any other relevant info, like title and genre.


S.E. Gaime (aka defcon) said...

Actually, I don't care so much about second chapters as I do about GOOD endings. You can write a lousy second chapter, and I'll keep reading, but if you write a terribad ending, expect your book to be chucked against the wall.

Huntress said...

@ SE Gaime
I laughed after reading your comment. My kid did just that after reading Mockingjay, the third book of The Hunger Games trilogy.

She hurled the book against the wall and proceeded to write her own ending, the way SHE wanted it to end.

mshatch said...

SE, I'd love to do a last page critique but that would be such a spoiler. And I completely agree about bad endings. I just read a book that was mildly enjoyable except for the so so ending. It just wasn't satisfying, you know? As for the Hunger Games, I haven't read it yet.

Stephen Tremp said...

I agree that second chapter needs to rock if the first one doesn't. The ending has to be great! It can't suck or be a letdown. I need closure, and I need the good guy or girl to win in the end. I'm just a happy ending kinda guy.

Crystal Pistol said...

I agree about that second chapter as well. I give a book about three chapters to pull me in. I may not chuck the book at the wall but I certainly don't pick it up again.