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Monday, December 19, 2016

Social Media Hashtags Writers Should Follow and Why

More than a few blogs posts ago I did a post about Twitter hashtags on my blog. About which ones a writer should follow and why. Then I had a crazy idea, well maybe not crazy. More like cool. What if I had everyone on Unicorn Bell pool their knowledge. And share their nuggets of information on the same subject. But this time on a broader scale.

So that’s what we’re doing today and for the rest of the week. We’re doing a writerly roundup this week and today’s post, see the post title, are about hashtags.


Two Twitter hashtags I believe all writers should follow are #MSWL and #StoryDam.

Using #MSWL, you can find out what agents and editors are looking for. These tweets let writers know what kind of manuscripts are on their wish lists and when to query. You can also check their website www.manuscriptwishlist.com for agents’ profiles with a more detailed list of what they’re looking for in general.

#StoryDam is a weekly chat that happens on Thursdays at 8pm ET. Every Thursday, there are 6 new questions that you can answer using the format A1: (Your Answer) for one tweet, A2: (Your Answer) for your next tweet, and so on. Tweet, retweet, favorite. Get to know other writers, make friends, and gain advice. The questions are posted on their blog/website. www.storydam.com.


Twitter: I don't tweet much but I do like #MSWL - it's very helpful!

CD Coffelt

Hashtags. Many hashtags I followed in the beginning are extinct. The one hashtag I still follow is #querytip. A writer never knows when something good might pop up.

#amwriting is one of my all-time-favorites, if not for information then as a virtual hug and encouragement.

Facebook is more “buy my book” screaming but Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors is great for advice. As a sidebar, I belong to several family groups that are closed to the public. It is a great way to exchange information and photos. I love that aspect of FB.


I’d said it once already and I’ll say it again. Definitely think about participating in #WIPjoy. Your story feeling stagnant? Your writing journey is making you feel isolated? #WIPjoy is a month long event. And a good way to rejuvenate the feelings of love and passion you first had when you started writing. Like finding out that the love is still there in a relationship. Plus, you get to network with and befriend other writers. The next #WIPjoy part is January 2017. Just follow @simmeringmind for the details. And follow the daily prompts and post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Have any social media hashtags you’d like to promote? Why?


Unknown said...

#wschat is a weekly Tuesday night chat for writers who follow Wordsmith Studio - a supportive group of writers. Chats happen at 6pm & 9pm Eastern Time - Definitely worth a follow...and join!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Interesting post. Happy Holidays everyone!

Huntress said...

I should use hashtags more. You've given me some fantastic ideas!
Thx Lidy!!

Liz A. said...

Perhaps one of these days I'll learn to actually use Twitter and make use of some of these. Great tips.

H.R. Bennett said...

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I didn't even know you could follow a hashtag. I knew that you could use them to search and all, but not follow them.

Although arguably I don't have twitter so my only experience is Facebook. Maybe there's a different functionality between the two?

Lidy said...

@Michelle Thanks for letting us know about that one

@Sheena-Kay Thanks. Happy Holidays to you too. And may the new year 2017 for ever be in your favor.

@Huntress I admit I was fumbling around to this whole hashtag business. Now I'm glad to say I've found my bearings. And it's cool how the hashtags allows you to meet people interested in the same things/subjects as you.

@Liz Thanks. And Twitter not so bad. Was only on Facebook and Google+ and was hesitant to join Twitter. Glad I did because it's opened up an even larger community for me. Plus I discovered party/events like #PitMad and #WIPjoy, which is starting to look like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

@Robert A great thing about social media is that you can save the hashtags you follow. And Twitter would notify you about tweets you might be interested in based on your saved hashtags