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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Writer's Playlist--The Fog of Writing by Barenaked Ladies

You can find the most amazing things on YouTube. And the craziest. I love it! This week I'll be sharing fun songs about writing. Hope you enjoy!

This one is from a dear friend's favorite group. Seriously, she talks about BNL all the time. Of course they'd have a song about writing. They are referring to writing songs, but it fits any form of writing.
 Did you find yourself dancing along? What parts called out to you and your current writing?

I loved the beginning about changing names and tense, but if you substitute the word novel for song the whole thing is perfect.

The fog of writing is like the fog of war. 
You lie to yourself, and you pretend you can do it so you can do it some more.
You make things right, and make some sense. 
You change names to protect the guilty and you change the tense. 
Can I change your mind? 
This [novel] could be the one!

Yep, been there. Felt and thought every one of those lines. How about you?


Huntress said...

I'll listen to the music inna moment. Im still having trouble with a group called Bare Naked Ladies.

Janie Junebug said...

That's a great song. I like Barenaked Ladies. When I see them on TV, they always seem like such nice guys. I wonder how they came up with their name.


Charity Bradford said...

@Huntress, LOL, and their all guys! They have lots of fun music though. I bet you've heard some of it before but didn't know their name.

@Janie, I know right? I've wondered the same about the name, but I guess it works for them.

Toni said...

Good call! I might have to print this and pin next to key board!

Liza said...

Love BNL, and you are right. Perfect song.

Liz A. said...

I do like them. Haven't heard this song before, though.

Nicola said...

Great song with 'on point' lyrics :) I've not been up-to-date with the music scene since Madonna's Vogue days. Must try harder :)