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Friday, May 27, 2016

Show and Tell - part 2

So...on Monday some of you guys gave me answers to the the following questions:

1) the title, or working title of whatever you're working on

2)Genre/age group

3) what's the story about; be as brief as possible

4) who's your main character (if more than one pick one)

5) where are you in the story? What's happening?

If anyone else wants to play please do! For those who played on Monday, I have some more specific questions for you:

Patchi: What does Penelope want/expect at the start of the story?

Sheena: How is this Glinda different than the one we know?

Liza: Who was Rena before her husband's death? Loving wife? And does the other wife come as a complete surprise? Were there hints?

Nicola: How are Daphne and Drop Dead Gorgeous different? What makes them and/or the story unique?

Lidy? What sort of world building is involved with the futuristic (and intriguing) concept (inter-dimensional criminal )?

I'm not expecting an answer, mostly these were the questions that popped into my mind as I read over your answers to Monday's questions. I find that when I'm asked questions about my work it often makes me think, dig deeper, which can be helpful.

At any rate, I hope this exercise was helpful and have a fabulous weekend all. Here's some more pretty to send you off :)


Patchi said...

Great question, Marcy. My first thought (and original struggle) was that all Pea wanted was to figure out how to sleep in a place that didn't feel like home so she could focus on her college courses. But that didn't give enough tension. Her real problem is dealing with her newfound independence and lack of family support, and I now made things worse by raising her in a culture where most people don't move away from home for college.

mshatch said...

I wonder what made her seek independence in spite of her culture...what drove her to make the choice to be different?

Darla M Sands said...

I can't really say I'm writing lately. ~sigh~ I enjoyed this, though. And the picture is lovely!

Unknown said...

1. Ghost of a Dance By Moonlight: Halcyon Beach Chronicles 3
2. Adult/Ghost Story
3. A journalist, conflicted about the relationship she is in, follows a story to a seaside town off-season famous for its ghosts
4. Cleo Blair
5. Nearing the end of the first draft.

@Kathleen01930 Blog

Nicola said...

Sorry it's taken so long to get back here.

My characters compliment each other. Daphne is very traditional in her ways and owns a book shop which her grandmother opened when she was Daphne's age. Nothing much has changed and Daphne is struggling to make ends meet. She is a born and bred villager and can't imagine ever leaving her loving community, with its quirks and all. She is very traditional and really hasn't moved into the 21st century.

Noah is a hotshot city detective inspector who has been sent to the village due to a work related injury, which means his fast moving career came to a halt. His only options were to leave the force or look after the policing of this quaint village. He's not a happy bunny. He misses the buzz and all the technical gadgets he's used to.

Daphne helps him to adjust to village life and he helps her to think outside the box of the 'old ways'.

Lidy said...

The world building (from where the criminal escapes from) is quasi-medieval and part mystical, part scientific. Dimensional doorways used to be open to all, allowing people/beings to crossover. Kind of like an exchange program thing. It was really friendly with a purpose of coming together and learning more about other worlds. Too bad some people took advantage of that and end up doing despicable things for example the bubonic plague. So the doorways have been permanently closed although there have been some chinks in that bit of armor. Like my main MC who's been unknowingly crossing over to other worlds. All the while thinking that the amazing dreams she has was her subconscious telling her that she's dying to get away from her hum drum and poor life for adventure.