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Monday, May 23, 2016

Show & Tell

I know we've played this game before, but I always think it's fun to check in with everyone, plus some of you may not have played before...

Here's how it works. In the comments share

1) the title, or working title of whatever you're working on

2)Genre/age group

3) what's the story about; be as brief as possible

4) who's your main character (if more than one pick one)

5) where are you in the story? What's happening?

Here are my answers:

1) AMONG US (as a side note, I have to admit I'm cheating on my almost complete story, BELL, BLACK, & BRIAR but my excuse is I'm getting ready to sell my house and have given myself permission to take it easy and write fanfic instead, just for fun. It's based on an old John Carpenter movie, They Live. ).

2) YA Scifi

3) Two girls. One big problem. Aliens.

4) Sati is who I started off with

5) My other mc, Valerie, has just discovered that the sunglasses the blind man gave her reveal people for what they really are. And some of them aren't human...

Now it's your turn. I can't wait to see what you're working on! I'll be back Wednesday with a very cool cover reveal, and on Friday I'll be back with more questions for you about what you're working on.

Have some pretty to start your week off with :)

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Patchi said...

I'll play :)

1) My Best Friend's Prince
2) NA fantasy
3) College student ends up in her best friend's make believe world
4) Penelope, aka Pea.
5) After struggling with Pea's motivation for way too long, I changed the setting of the story. I'm now rewriting the opening with this new setting.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I'm game.

1. They Came from Oz
2. YA fantasy
3. What if Oz came to us? What if that was bad thing?
4. Glinda
5. Glinda arrives on Earth from Oz.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Oh and I love fan fiction. I'm also getting back into that as well. The two I really want to move on right now are from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teen Wolf. There is also an FOP story I want to finish up.

Liza said...

1. The Beneficiary
2. Women's Lit
3. A woman discovers her late husband had a previous wife to whom he left a generous life insurance policy, while she (his widow) and her son are left almost bankrupt.
4. Rena, the widow.
5.I'm revising, and realizing that I need to add a lot more complexity to make the story move faster. It's a struggle.

mshatch said...

Patchi and Sheena, love both your premises!

Liza, I like yours, too, and yes, I think I would find it difficult to sustain tension in a drama. Good luck!

dolorah said...

Just stopping in to say HELLO! Not been writing in a while, but cool to see what others are doing.

Liz A. said...

Same as the last time we did this. Well, it would be the same if I was actually making any progress on it.

Nicola said...

1) Words on Pages
2) Mystery
3) Robbery; missing first edition Daphne du Maurier books; and of course a drop dead gorgeous police officer :)
4) Daphne Barker - bookshop owner
5) second draft - it's going slow

Great task. Thanks for the post.

Lidy said...

1. The Soul Traveler
2. ya urban fantasy
3. a young teen gets her body hijacked by an inter-dimensional criminal and her has to work together with the young man (Nica) assigned to catch him. Before she disappears forever, before he upsets the balance. And not in that order.
4. Kyna Lynn James
5. Have a bit of the middle written out but currently working on the beginning of the story. So far Kyna has fallen asleep on the bus, her soul transported to a meadow where she meets Nica again, where he attacks her w/ his sword. Safe to say, she's afraid to fall asleep again as the dream felt unnervingly real.