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Friday, April 17, 2015



In keeping with the A-Z theme that’s running around the blogosphere right now, today’s post begin with the letter O, which in this case stands offer to help another writer.

Writing can be a lonely endeavor, especially in the beginning when we’re doing it all by ourselves. I remember when I found my first writing buddy, who used to come over on Friday nights. We’d exchange what we’d written and comment and then write some more. When I started blogging, I found other writing friends, and one of them became my first and very awesome critique partner. We started exchanging our work and oh boy, I can’t tell you how helpful her comments were. And not just the good comments. The bad ones helped, too, helped me see where things weren’t working. I am eternally grateful to her for taking the time to reach out to me and for her friendship. I’m a better writer because of her and because of her I’ve reached out to others to offer my help. Heck, that’s why Unicorn Bell is here! Because a few us got together and said, hey, let’s create a place where we can offer lots of helpful stuff to other writers.

Have you reached out to another writer? Had one reach out to you? How has it impacted your writing?


Liz A. said...

It's great to have someone read and give actual feedback. Too many friends will say, "Oh, that's nice," when you know it isn't but need help making it better.

Brandon Ax said...

It can be hard for sure to know what to say to new authors.

I always want to be honest and yet not crush any hope. I still enjoy it immensely.

I also met my CP through blogging.

Susan Kane said...

My writing changed when I decided I was not going to live long enough to finish/edit/finish/edit...

That was very freeing for me. Writing short stories, flash fiction, observations..has always been I enjoyed most about writing.

Not every writer will achieve a book. But every writer should enjoy the thrill of writing.

Susan Kane said...

...oh, and thanks for your comments on my site.