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Thursday, April 16, 2015


April 16 – N –

In keeping with the A-Z theme that’s running around the blogosphere right now, today’s post begin with the letter N, which in this case stands for nourish your creativity.

Some people thing all we writer’s have to do is sit down in front of our desks or laptops and start happily typing away. And sometimes that’s exactly what happens. But sometimes…not so much. One of the things that helps me keep those creative juices flowing is to get the heck away from desk and out into the world. I can’t count how many times ideas or resolutions have come to me while I’m out walking. After all, if we never see what’s beyond our desks, how can we write about any of it? I’ve also found that engaging in other creative endeavors can help put me in a better state of mind. Painting/drawing is one of my faves because it totally focuses my mind on what I’m doing, allowing all the other parts of my mind to take a rest. Even watching television/movies can be a way to nourish our creative sides. Just think how many times you’ve said, yeah, but if they did it this way no one would’ve seen it coming…

What nourishes your creativity? Do you engage in any other creative activities besides writing?


Liz A. said...

Sometimes getting up and going for a short walk helps get things back in gear.

Zannie Rose said...

In the book Artist's Way she suggests we take ourselves on an Artists Date- for just that- to feed the creative juices. Recently there has been a local-ish Festival.Quite a small affair really, but I made an effort to go and am so glad I did.
I attended a performance of the re-worked Ramanayana and also tracked down the Alchemist Stall- she was amazing- gave me goosebumps when she talked and inspired me to begin a project I thought about months ago

zannierose A-Z

Mark Means said...

I'm another one who gets a small boost from doodling. I used to draw all the time, but gave it up after realizing I wasn't very good at it. It still helps to get the creative juices flowing, though :)

Kathryn Thornton said...

Last month our writers group had a jewelry making workshop to get our creative juices flowing before we reviewed our work. We are attending the festival of books this month in lieu of our meeting.
If it is just me taking photos, walking in the woods or a park, or reading a great book all give me the boost I need to start working on something worthwhile again.