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Friday, March 27, 2015

Beginning Some Marketing

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This week's posts have all been for that new member of my writers' group. He had so many questions about things that I thought we all knew. But of course we don't all know it all. We can all learn so much from each other.

In the discussion we did touch on marketing. And while there is no completed novel yet, it's never too early to start networking with the writing community.

As you're starting out on your journey to publication, you do want to connect--to the writing community, to readers, to the publishing community...

Think of it as research. Learn the industry. And if you make some helpful friends along the way...

Where should you focus your efforts? The more important question is: where do you most enjoy spending your time? A writers' group in your community? Blogging? Goodreads? Twitter? Start there.

If you're not sure, try any and all avenues that open up to you. Go to a writers' conference. Start a blog. Get on Twitter. Find the one you like and stick with it. Get involved in that community. Learn what you can from them. Give back when you can. Then when you're ready to launch your book, you already have a presence to build on.

But most importantly, do what feels right to you.

Any other advice? What marketing efforts have worked for you? Is it ever too early to start?


Huntress said...

Blog. And post on other blogs.
Blog on Alex Cavanaugh's site.

Absolute Write forums will help you learn the ropes. Not all their advice is good so be selective. Use them like tools. Sometimes a screwdriver works good as a pry bar for example.

Make friends online, in blogs. Do not underestimate the value of these people you've never met in person. They are your cheerleaders, your virtual hugs when you are down. They give freely of their time and expertise. They are priceless.

Charity Bradford said...

Ditto Huntress. Sometimes these people we've never met are our strongest supporters. Get to know them, support them and they'll return the favor. Plus, it's fun to see your friends reach their goals.

Liz A. said...

Very good advice. Thanks.