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Friday, February 20, 2015


Ho boy. What a difference twenty-four hours makes.

I received word that my publisher, Musa, is shutting down.

They've always been completely above board with me, and I don't expect any trouble. Their contract and dealings with their authors were easily accessible, and I never a problem talking to them.

But now I find myself without a home.

I am glad that I dipped a toe into the self-pub waters with Out of Magic so I not totally naive about what road to take. I’m not wringing my hands wondering what I’ll do now. An agent requested one manuscript so the traditional route isn't off-limits. I have a most excellent editor, Angela Kelly, who is branching out. She is creating her own editing business, thank Heavens.

But I have formatting to consider, cover artists, and self-publishing to think about.

To the Musa family’s credit, they are quitting before financial reasons force them to quit. All rights to the books revert to the authors at the end of the month. I will need to buy the book cover image and place my books back with the venders.

It was a good start and my appreciation to Musa for giving me a chance and showing me the road to travel knows no bounds.

Recently, I joked with a blogger and dear friend about his publisher. I asked if they were taking urban fantasy since I was peeved with my publisher. He said, yes. ACK. Self-prophesying much?

So Indie or traditional? What shall it be?


LD Masterson said...

Wow, that's tough. Gook luck making your decisions.

Huntress said...

WHAT??? So you're not gonna help me? I need ideas, facts,


Come onnnnnn.....

Charity Bradford said...

Ahhh! I'm so sorry! I know that's got to throw you for a loop. You probably have a good fan base started to go the Indie route. Although having a publishing team is nice for stress reasons. :) Sorry, not much help am I?

dolorah said...

Ah, I'm so sorry. It is tough to lose a publisher, or agent. At least you know you can succeed in the traditional market. It is a hard decision to have to make. I wish you luck with your choices.

Huntress said...

Clearly all followers need to send chocolate.
I like all kinds.

Tyrean Martinson said...

I wish I knew what to tell you. I'm indie so far . . .well, with a novella that I'm working on under contract for a small press/video production place (think script with extra B plot via me turned novella). I don't know the ups and downs of small press vs. the ups and downs of indie. I'm hoping to figure that out in the next year or two.

Liz A. said...

Yikes. what a blow. But I'm sure things will work out as they are intended to.

Are you really asking for advice? I'd say send out a few queries and see where you stand there. If nothing pops, then go indie. I know, not much help. But sympathy. I can do sympathy.

mshatch said...

That's terrible news! I'm so sorry. I'd try traditional first myself. It's hard doing everything yourself unless you can afford to hire out.

Huntress said...

One agent requested more pages of The Adamant so I'm still "out there".

I'm not totally verklempt here. Obviously, I need chocolate but other than that...

Musa gave me the chance to succeed and grow and by golly, I am well pleased about the results.

Patchi said...

Hopefully, you got enough chocolate over the weekend. Tough choices, but you're tougher. Or you wouldn't have made it this far, with novels to boast about.

My (entirely subjective) thought is to get Wilder Mage and co. back in bookstores with little lag after Musa shuts down. Indie might be the way to go in this case, as it you can move faster than any traditional publisher.

Then you can ponder on different tracks for the next series, depending on your agent search.

My 2 cents, and only because you asked. Chocolate is easier to give out than advice.