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Monday, January 6, 2014

First long crits of 2014

OK, so things are a little mixed up because the format change is still new. The schedule's in the sidebar but I don't have any long crit submissions yet. Let me lay out the current rules:

  1. Submit full scenes, or up to 1,500 words, for red-penning by me and public comments. I mainly crit for larger-scale issues like character, world-building, logical flow, voice, etc.
  2. Any genre is welcome. Scenes involving explicit sex or violence are also welcome, but will be posted over at Shadow of the Unicorn (with a mention here.) 
  3. Submissions are anonymous. Feel free to explain a little if this scene is deep in your story and there's background info I need to understand. 
  4. Submit at any time! (new rule!) I will stockpile submissions for my next week at the helm. If you want your crit back sooner, let me know and I will send it. It'll still be posted during my next week. 

Email submissions to unicornbellsubmissions at gmail dot com with "Long Crit" in the subject line. Please include genre and your WIP's title.


Angela Brown said...

I'll have to check my WiPs and see what I have to share :-)

Patchi said...

I just got back from vacation and I didn't get a chance to send you anything yet. I do have a new novel I'm working on, so I'll pull a scene out for your queue.