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Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to Captions Week!

With Christmas and other holidays filling our time, I thought I'd keep things simple. You're probably busy running around shopping, going to parties, surviving storms and whatnot. Maybe you just need a brief moment of creativity in your day. Or if nothing else some extreme cuteness.

So, this week I aim to bring you the opportunity to enjoy both! Every day I'll post an extremely cute picture of puppies and kittens. All you have to do is write a caption for one or both of them and share it with us in the comments.

All photos were found on Google images with a search. I do not own them, and have no way of finding the original owner.


Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

#1: "Bucky, I told you, those Cheetos would turn you orange."

Laura Stephenson said...

#2: Kitten 3: "Waaah! We're stinky human babies!" Kitten 2: "Hey guys, I don't think this is as funny as we thought it would be."