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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ending Badly

Endings are tricky things. They need to conclude the story in a reasonable and satisfying way.

Both. Not one or the other.

A bad ending colors the whole story. There are movies that I hate based solely on how they ended. (Pay It Forward. Seven. The English Patient. Project X...)

Am I putting too much pressure on myself?

Deep breaths. I can do this. I won't muck it up. I think.

How about you? What stories (movies, books, TV shows, what-have-you) have had endings that soured you on the entirety of the story? Or is that just me?


John Doe said...

Nah.. Endings don't matter that much... You can't solely base your impression of an artwork to just 1% time of the whole thing.

Patchi said...

Any book/movie where the female MC gets run over at the end just to teach the male MC a lesson. Whether it makes the movie/book "realistic" or "literary" doesn't matter. I don't care for it one bit.

Liz A. said...
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Liz A. said...

John Doe: Most of the time that 1% won't bother me, but there are instances where it will sour me on the whole work.

Patchi: I think that sums up Seven...

Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Easy peasy choice. The last book of Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series, Shadow Heir.

My Offspring hated Mockingjay, the last in the Hunger Games. She loathed it so much she wrote a different ending for it.