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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Cry for Help

Let me set the scene:

You are at a family reunion and your Know-It-All uncle sidles up to you.

“So I hear you’re writing a book,” he says around a piece of cake. “What’s it about?”

Quick. What is it about?

Your answer must be concise yet descriptive. Therefore, “Uh...” will not suffice.

On tap for this week, it’s taglines and blurbs.

Taglines are short, quick little bits of info.
  • An adventure 65 million years in the making. - Jurassic Park
  • There can be only one. – Highlander
  • A romantic comedy. With zombies. – Shaun of the Dead
  • A lively comedy about a guy who isn't. – Weekend at Bernie’s

Blurbs are usually a little longer, more like the first paragraph in a query letter. Here is the blurb for my book Wilder Mage:
Iowa is a perfect hideout for a wilder mage like Justus Aubre. The living is great, not a lot of earthquakes and no other wizards to bring him back to the Guild. A mage on the run spoils his idyllic zone. And she’s not alone.
Now here is where I need help. I need a tagline for it.  Here is what I have:

Magic. It’s in his blood.

But it needs a hooky thing at the end, something that pops but isn't more than two to four words extra. 

Assignment for this week
#1. Send me your taglines or blurbs and we’ll crit them. (I especially want to see Dear Katherine)
#2. Help supply a tagline for Wilder Mage.

Okay. Let's roll up our sleeves and make some magic. Posts go up on Tuesday.


mshatch said...

I agree; I want to see one for Dear Katherine as well.

Stephanie said...

This a great blog. I will definitely follow.

Donna Hole said...

Uhm, uhm; I put it somewhere. I'll try to remember to send it.

I'm quite lousy at writing them so I doubt I'll be helpful with your's :(


Patchi said...

You win ;)

Patchi said...

I forgot to comment on you tagline. I think what you need is a contradiction of some sort. What's not in his blood? Does he not want to share his magic?

Another option is to play with the "alone" part:

There's magic hidden in Iowa. But Justus is not alone anymore.

I need more details on the story...