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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stand on Your Own Prompt

This week has been the theme of loneliness versus standing alone, and how it applies to blogging and writing. The thing we have to keep in mind is that while the act of writing is a solitary effort, everything else involving the craft--critiquing, publication, networking--is decidedly not. There are times where we have to stand together just to get through the tough times.

Yet we can stand on our own if needed. Today, I present to you a prompt that dares to defy the concept that one is a lonely number. For this prompt, write a one to two paragraph piece  showing a character who doesn't go with the group norm, but who at the same time manages to enjoy life in the comfort of "oneness". Be creative, and bonus kudos points to you if you happen to show this sort of defiance in the genre of romance.

Have fun!


Alicia C. said...

Gently he runs his thumb along the edge of his chisel. A cloud drifts over the midday sun, obscuring the line of sight along the blade, but it soon passes. Satisfied with the edge, he lays the heavy tool down and, with practiced movements, bolts the wide slab of spalted birch into his frame. Raising his face to the light breeze he closes his sea green eyes, breathing in the quiet sounds of his mountain side cabin retreat. One in. Hold. Two out. Hold. His strong, scarred hands are steady as they grasp the dark, oil stained handle of his finish chisel.
His wrist flicks buttery curls to the well worn porch beneath his feet. It’s a dance of sorts. Three flicks followed by a smoothing of sandpaper. He is simply putting the finishing touches on this, the most important sign he has ever been commissioned to make. A wry smile lifts the corner of his mouth, If only I could pay myself! He puts down the chisel and picks up his well soaked tung oil rag. The wood gleams in the waning afternoon sun. Lovingly, he runs his hands over the intricate Celtic knot work, the painstaking detail of scrolling, the old fashioned calligraphy of the lettering, “Marry Me”.

Name: Luana Krause said...

All the other blood hounds were yelping and tugging at their leashes. Killer Dean, an escaped convict was on the run. But Boris the Benign Blood Hound sat quietly, watching a lady bug crawling on a leaf in the nearby garden. He was alone with his thoughts...thoughts of Betsy the Bedazzled Blood Hound who lived with Sherrif Coggins. She was the love of his life.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Alicia: You certainly lived up to the task of defying loneliness in the genre of romance! Well done!

Luana: Aww...romance between bloodhounds, how sweet!

penyabogarde said...

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