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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time to Vote on the 1000 Words Blogfest!

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in our first blogfest here at Unicorn Bell. The quality of the entries was amazing, and it was very hard to narrow the field down to our top four choices. If you haven't had a chance to read all of them click HERE for the linky to all of them. Update: Mr. Linky disappeared! Silly thing. If you participated, can you please leave a link in the comments to the actual blogfest post so people can find you? Thanks!

Now, we loved so many of the stories, but we had to narrow down the field to a workable number for voting. After some discussion we narrowed it down to four plus one. That's right! I loved one so much I decided to add it in for voting.

I can't share how the other judges picked there favorites, but I chose the ones I connected with on some level. The ones that I kept thinking about. They might not have been the most perfect, but the story was so compelling for me that I didn't notice any flaws.
This was SOOOO hard!

Okay, our top five choices in no particular order:
Alicia C at Saffron Wine for The Tree House Tea
Misty Waters at Writer's Block
Aldrea Alien at Thardrandian Thoughts
Tyrean's Writing Spot for The Identity Crisis of Captain Wrath
Julie Dao from Silver Lining

Because of the Subjective nature of things we couldn't agree exactly on the top four. So, here are some personal favorites that deserve an--
Honorable mention:
Colin Smith the Precious Reward
Justin Parente at In My Write Mind
1000th Monkey for her dark trip into the Woods

Please visit these entries, read them and then come back to vote in the sidebar by 7PM on Saturday (US Easter Standard Time). The winner will get to choose between a first chapter critique or an Amazon gift card.

We will announce and contact the winner on Sunday.

Since Mr. Linky disappeared, here are the other links.
Tara Tyler The Guardian Tree
Tracy Jo The Unknown
Donna Hole
Brooke Busse Show Me Your Fangs
Angela Brown Fallen
Beth Fred Lost
Rek The Dance: New Beginnings
Stu sharp
Sheena-kay The Spider King's Mistress
Elaine Smith Adain, Down
Greg Hamblin


Misty Waters said...

SWEET!! Thanks ladies!

Aldrea Alien said...

I got into the top five? Wow, that was so unexpected.
Thanks. ^_^

Huntress said...

Now I finally understand a judge's angst when picking contest winners.

Let me say, It was nearly impossible to choose. We could have doubled the number of finalists and STill not been enough.

Great job everyone. I had fun including my blurb and hope everyone enjoyed this as much as we did.

Again, stupendous writing is difficult to judge. And all of you out did yourselves.

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

Whoa! Top five! I'm so excited! This is awesome!!

I'd like to thank the academy...and my Mom...and all the little people..Oh wait.. :)


Alicia Willette-Cook said...

OH...Ps..I'd like to invite the other finalists to a special tea I'm having at my house... ;)

Charity Bradford said...

I suggest you all decline. *wicked grin*

mshatch said...

I'd also like to mention Colin's entry, which I really liked. This was hard because there was something good/interesting/ eerie/cool about every entry. Plus it was fun reading them all :)

Julie Dao said...

Thank you for choosing me as one of your top five - I am floored!! So honored. Thanks all for hosting this great blogfest.

Julie Dao said...

HAHA! If it's that rosewater tea, I'm afraid I have prior obligations... ;)

Huntress said...

And would the judges receive the same 'tea' as the finalists? Maybe a different *recipe*?

Angela Brown said...

I voted but I have to admit, I don't know if I could have judged this at all. I read through all the entries, astounded and floored with each one, the different interpretations, the depth, the humor, the eerieness. It was all so good that I was hoping I could cheat and pick more than one but the voting button wouldn't let me. Darn! lol!!!

I can honestly say that I wish I could vote for each and every one of the finalists.

Colin Smith said...

Congratulations to the top 5! And thank you for the honorable mention. I'm really flattered. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Wow! Totally Unexpected!!! Thank you!!!

Brooke R. Busse said...

Just voted! I've only got to read the finalists' entries so far. -sigh- Still catching up from being away from the computer for a week and still working on my entry.

dolorah said...

I voted, but I had to come back three times. All the nominees were excellent. I may have missed one or two submissions, but I think I read them all.

Wow, so much talent out there. I did not envy the task of picking only a few to vote on.


Charity Bradford said...

I'll see if I can figure out how to bring Mr. Linky back.