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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rotten Rapscallions Prompt

For the longest time in my life, I refused to watch reality TV shows. I preferred scripted drama over anything “real” people were doing. Of course, this may have had something to do with the fact that I write, and watched shows for stories. It wasn’t until recent years that I gave the genre a chance.

All at once, I found something interesting in these shows, something I didn’t expect. Villains. Yes, I should’ve known that reality TV shows have villains much as any other genre, so I chalk that up to my own naiveté.  On the plus side of things, it finally explained a lot to me about why people love reality TV. They love to hate these rapscallions.

This brings me to today’s prompt. Give me someone I just want to love to hate. The right culmination of action, description, dialogue, exposition, or narration will help you to accomplish this task. You don’t have to use all of these fiction-writing tricks, though these bonus kudos are yours if you do. Just remember that I really want to hate (in a good way) the characters you come up with!


mshatch said...

Here's a snippet from chapter three of my novel, GRIMOIRE:

“Now, do tell me why you’ve come,” Grace said, fixing him with her emerald eyes, eyes that looked as pure and beautiful as the gem they mimicked. Or as cold and depthless as a winter sea.

Angela Brown said...

Let me try:

Seth towered over Ivy, her four inch heels barely lifting her fluffed up midnight tresses to his shoulder. He leaned back upon the gym wall, Across the Universe open in his hands.

He should have noticed me by now, she thought. She tapped her foot. His eyes scrolled across the page undisturbed until, "Hey, Seth." A girl called to him from the doorway. Myra waved then pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. A closed book dangled from her hand. One quick glance stopped Ivy's tapping foot. Across the Universe, same as Seth's. Against every rule known to cliquedom, Seth lifted his eyes, ignoring Ivy, smiling as he waved back at the queen of geeks.

Did he just blush? Like he could -- no way, Ivy thought. To her shame, Seth stood straight, finally taking notice of her. His smile faded as he looked down at her. The corners of his lips crept up again as he turned to join Myra.

"Coach is going to be so glad when he finds out how you've helped me," he said, his voice a trailing echo.

A frown?

In her world, the real world, Ivy Judd never warranted a frown.

One of her usual flock of followers jogged over to her. Before he could open his mouth, she waved him off as dismissively as an annoying pest.

There was no comparison, as far as Ivy thought. This was a fluke, the first time Seth ignored her. The plan hatching in her mind stunk to the high heavens. And she loved it. By the time she got through with Myra, Ivy knew it would be the last time he didn't pay her attention. Because Ivy Judd always got what she wanted, no matter what.

Donna Hole said...

I have the perfect scene for this but I can't access any of my previous documents right now. These free word processing programs do not let me open anything already saved - and I'm too tired to attempt a new writing.

I need to find me a spare $100 for a decent Word program.


Miranda Hardy said...

Such a great prompt. I'm sure I have something in my works that will make you love to hate the villain. Lol

Brooke R. Busse said...

"Give it back," she said, her voice trembling as much as her outstretched hand.

"Why do you want it to bad?" Mikey dangled the necklace out the car window.

"You know, it's my mother's," she started.

"She's dead. Been dead. Forget her." He dropped it.

She let out a cry and lurched across him. He pushed her back in her seat, checked to make sure the doors were locked.

Alicia C. said...

“Just breathe. The pain will cease presently I assure you.” Livinia turned away from the small girl strapped to the stainless steel table and picked up a long glass tube, capped with a needle. Keeping her back to the girl she spoke in soothing tones.
“Now Cretha. We’ve been through this before. It’s all about the blood, darling. We’ve tried everything we can to get the machines to run on just a modicum of your cells. But it’s the blood sweetness...” She turned back to the shivering girl whose eyes widened at the sight of the implement. Livinia bared her teeth in a mockery of a smile.”Oh, Please. You didn’t honestly believe I would give a shit about keeping you alive though this do you?” Cretha started crying silently behind the thick woolen cloth that was clamping her tongue to the floor of her mouth. Tears streaming from her wide brown eyes.
Working quickly, Livinia drew a bleached cloth from a pocket of her scrubs tying it tightly around Cretha’s biceps. After a few seconds she slapped the inside of her elbow and nodded to herself. Then, in one quick movement she jabbed the entire needle directly into the throbbing jugular in her neck. Leaning in close, she whispered to the quickly weakening girl. “Sweet Cretha. Darling Cretha. Know that your blood, your special blood is being used to power the world, sweet child. To power those machines that you so hated! That your father, and brother gave their lives fighting against! You stupid, stupid dead child.” With one final laugh, she removed the overflowing syringe, threw it in the garbage and left the cold, sterile room.

Alicia C. said...

It's interesting how the mere mention of winter always seems to add that element of...I don't want to say 'evil' but you expect that character to have a coldness to them. An ability to just do what needs to be done. And %#*(& you all.

Alicia C. said...

I use Google Docs...after I had HUGE issues with microsoft word eating a bunch of my stuff. Was not happy. Google Docs is awesome. Love it.

Alicia C. said...

I really like this. Both of the characters come out strong in such a short space. The only thing that would make it stronger is I'm wondering if the car is moving or not?