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Monday, November 21, 2016

Three Writerly Dohs!!

As a writer and blogger, I’ve stumbled down many an alleyway mostly due to naiveté. And chasing squirrels. Lots of squirrels.

I recognize how stooopid they were, those instances of Doh! and I cringe. Of the multitudes of *facepalm*, three big Don'ts stand out. And since most writers have little time to dink around with long posts, here is:

Monumental Advice Number One

Tell no one you are writing/have written a book. If you have a spouse who supports you, it’s okay to tell them (she said grudgingly) but use digression. If he's a talker, well...

By keeping your writing career mum, you will avoid these Questions.
“So where is your book? I keep checking the NYT bestseller list but *insert the snark here* haven’t seen your name." 
“I saw this ad about publishing your own book. They call it a vanity press. Why don’t you use them?” 
“It’s been three months since you finished the book and still not published? Wow. “*insert pitying expression*

Advice Number Two:

Do not disparage agents, agencies, or your fellow authors on your blog. Self-inflicted wounds, i.e. shooting yourself in the foot, lose their charm after the first direct hit. No good can come of offending your potential clients and backers.

Last of the Three For-Heaven’s-Sake-Don’t-Do-This Rules

Posting rejections, the number of queries sent, the extra pages requested might seem like a good idea. But do you really want your followers to see this? Anytime I consider posting my stats, I refer to the Number One and the inclination dies.

Do you have any deep regrets since starting this business? I’d love to hear more from writers who committed the First Mistake, their friends and family’s responses, and how they dealt with them.


Liz A. said...

Since I don't have a large circle of friends, #1 hasn't been an issue.

Patchi said...

1 and 2 are big ones for me. My husband is way too proud of my writing, so even though I don't go around telling people, he does all the (false?) advertising for me. My only hope is that when I do get published, all these people he reached out to will indeed buy my book...

Unknown said...

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Darla M Sands said...

Good advice. My only regret so far is trusting someone as a mentor without knowing anything about the person. Big mistake. I was so disheartened by the glib put downs that I didn't write for a long time.

Brett Minor said...

I will need to start taking #1 to heart. I tell quite a few people and always get disappointing reactions. I think I could easily let this one go away.