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Friday, January 15, 2016

Your turn

Today I hope you'll share what you're working on - even if it's the same thing you were working on last time we spoke:

  1. Working Title if it has one
  2. Genre
  3. Intended Age group
  4. Word count
  5. One of the main characters; tell us something about him/her in one short paragraph.
  6. Were are you in the story? What are the characters doing?
  7. What scene in the future are you looking forward to writing (or have you already written it?)
  8. What about this particular story are you finding difficult to write?
  9. What do you love about this story?

Here are my answers:

1. Bell, Black, & Briar
2. Fantasy
3. Adult
4.  35,824 (I was at 10k last time we spoke - I might be close finishing next time...)
5.  Inspector Ian Beck of the Arcane Crime Unit (ACU for short, you know, kind of like the BAU).  Although considered a loner by his superiors, Beck has good reason to keep to himself, possessing the ability to know a lie when he hears one. This makes relationships difficult at best.
6.  My characters have just found another clue to the killer's identity at Gravesend Cemetery: a Tarot card that may have the killer's prints on it.
7. I'm looking forward to the scene where the killer and one of my characters interact. Needless to say I can't say more (spoiler!)
8.  I've never written a murder mystery before, and keeping track of all the clues I've laid down and what still needs to be investigated has been difficult. 
9. I really love my characters, and the setting, which is a city not unlike Boston, or London, or perhaps Ankh-Morpork, in which the supernatural/paranormal exists, is normal and sometimes messy.  

Now go forth and write good stuff :) 


Liz A. said...

Okay, I'll play...

1. Elswyk's Moon
2. Fantasy
3. Adult
4. 65,000ish (it's fluctuating)
5. Elswyk is a wizard with self esteem issues.
6. We just found out that the uncle of one of the characters has been injured. No more info about that...spoilers...
7. This is an edit pass, so no scenes to write. Only rewrite.
8. At the moment I'm just having difficulty getting to work on it. This week I've been sick. Last month... Well, the less said about last month, the better.
9. When I go and read chapters (so as to figure out what I need to work on next), I find myself caught up in the story. So, I'm making progress.

Charity Bradford said...

I'm working mainly on edits to get book 2 in my series out. Here's the answers for that.

1. Search For Knowledge
2. Science Fantasy
3. Teen through adult
4. 76K
5. Talia and Landry Sutton hoped life would settle down to a normal routine once the Dragumon were destroyed and the mages returned home. Unfortunately, too many people still want answers. They're scared of those who work magic, and some of the mages want to be recognized for saving the planet. The scientist mage and her military mage husband will once again seek a way to bring peace back to Sendek.
6 and 7. The story is complete and we are working on line edits and some final clean ups. I'm looking forward to finally killing all the passive voice that was left over from the writing. Then I'll be able to get back to drafting the third book in the series.
8. The hardest part about writing this story was the "sophomore" book fear. I really want this book to be better than the first and at times it felt like I was using Umbridge's detention quill. Instead of just feeling the story like book one, I really had to dig for it.
9. We get to see more of Talia and Landry's relationship as well as a peek at their deepest fears.

Liza said...

1.The Benificiary
2. Women's fiction
3. Adult women
4. 66k

5.Cal Jenkins can't understand why her long gone ex-husband named her as the benificiary on his life insurance policy. But since she is approaching broke with a ruined credit rating after her identity is stolen, she is ready to cash in. What are the odds she will end up working side by side with her ex-husband's widow, who was left in perilous financial circumstances after the heartbreaking loss of the love of her life?

6. Rena Harding has made the decision that she and her son must leave Good Neck Harbor and move in rent free with her aunt who lives across the state. Distraught on hearing the news, her twelve-year-old son has run away and has been missing for 24 hours.

7. I am looking forward to writing about where they will discover Rena's son, and how Cal will play a part in his recovery

8. I am struggling with 7 above.

9. I love how this story keeps surprising me with its revelations.

Jewel said...

Hello! I'm new to this blog. I'm very excited to meet y'all!

1. Bentley the Terrible Heroine (temporary title)

2. Comedy-fantasy

3. Teen (older bracket of Young Adult)

4. 3,000 words.

5. Bentley Elliot. She is a funny, shallow 19 year old who wakes up with no memory of her life. Apparently nefarious people are after her. She is more interested in the fact that the hair brush is missng. She is a true believer in denying difficult information.

5. I'm currently working on the third scene. Bentley and Lawrence have just arrived at the house of Lucinda. Lucinda is "the Medusa of 40". They have a very urgent and specific need of her basement.

6. I'm very excited to write when Bentley uncovers a big lie from someone she trusts.

7. The connector scenes between the Big Ideas are freaking difficult. I'm not 100% sure how my characters move from point A to point B. But that's the beauty of fiction; spend enough time with my characters and they will lead themselves.

8. I adore the banter between Bentley and Lawrence. They loath each other. And it is a solid dislike that will never flower into romance. Thank God.

Yvonne said...

Working Title if it has one: A Piece of Me (still working on the title)

Genre: Hmm, I believe this will entice more women than men

Intended Age group: Both older and younger but not school age young

Word count: Not counted

One of the main characters; tell us something about him/her in one short paragraph.

Well, the main character can be me, you or any other person that reads my work. It's a poetry book that I'm currently working on. A compilation of poems about love, loss, aging, being single and just a myriad of other topics.

What do you love about this story? -What I love about my poetry is that it is raw and often times, transparent and sometimes even erotic.