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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Marketing Fails

You can write the perfect book, pick a perfect cover, and format without mistakes. But marketing your book like a shopper on Black Friday at Target won’t get you where you want to be.

Social Media. I like Facebook for family, friends, news, and postings. Plus I do a little marketing also. I belong to several groups like Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors, Book Trailer Videos, Aspiring Authors, and Book Promotion. Information is traded, advice given, views exchanged. I enjoy them and comment, offering back in full measure what I am given.

But some don’t use these sites as an introduction. They plaster their books onto the sites then leave without giving back to the community.

Like the crows on my front lawn, they squawk a couple times, leave their deposit, and fly away.

Twitter is worse. There’s hardly any conversation at all over there. I’ve stopped cruising that social media except for breaking news.

If you are a writer, join these groups, participate, become a “name” and active member. People will remember you and behave accordingly. To drop your pile and fly off is rude.

In the same vein: Over-marketing, or plastering your book on all groups on the same day. Too much is never the way to go.

Politics and Push Button Issues. I have an uncle who is set in his ways. His mind is made up on all issues, and he is the reigning authority in all ways...at least in his own viewpoint. He isn’t above telling everyone how wrong they are on any subject, especially politics. Arguing with him takes both of you down a dark, circular track with no end or beginning. 

To my way of thinking, expressing opinions on red-hot issues of the day or stupid things said by presidential candidates goes down that same path. It isn’t productive.

I loved one author like mad and bought anything and everything he wrote. Then he started preaching. And not just a page or chapter but the whole book. I titled my review of his last book Shut Up and Sing and stopped buying.

You can bet that half of your fans think differently than you do. Why alienate them? I have very strong feelings about certain issues and candidates. I do try to keep a handle on my effusions but sometimes those opinions eek out.

Tips for the Professional Writer.

If you really want good stuff to read—and who doesn’t—help and encourage writers. Offer to critique. Be ready with advice when asked. 

Our reward is books that keep us reading until 2 am.


Em-Musing said...

Marketing is a profession that people go to college and get degrees for. But with publishing the way it is, authors have to be pinch hitters scrambling to find a way to get their books noticed. Becoming a "name"otherwise known as branding, is crucial, Your line, "To drop your pile and fly off is rude," is hysterical.

Diana Wilder said...

I think the advice of 'be genuine' is the best you can give anyone (as you have). I am on twitter perhaps once a day. I retweet what looks good, maybe tweet a blog post or a news item, and that's it. I'm the same with Facebook. Connecting with friends - I just joined ALLI and am delighted with the help and the attitude and the overall knowledge.

Someone on Twitter tweets her three books three or four times a day with the same information and the same covers shown. After a week of that I groaned whenever I saw the books.

I agree 'To drop your pile and fly off is rude' should be made into a screen background...

John Doe said...

Reminds me of Dawn of the Dead.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

My experience is the other way around. Twitter was where I have regular communication with multiple writers who actually communicate back on both book and non book related issues. To be facebook is oversaturated and a number of writers I had communication with through blogging fell away when it came to facebook. Too much was going on there.

Overmarketing is annoying and I am glad you covered this topic.

Blogoratti said...

Marketing can be quite tricky, no doubt about it. Interesting thoughts and perspective you have shared. Greetings!