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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The harder questions

 As promised, I’ve got more questions to make you think about what you’re writing. This is all stuff I found elsewhere, either in books, on people’s blogs, or websites. They all make me think about what exactly I’m writing, and who my characters are. But, some of them are hard…
  1. How is this character viewed by others?
  2. What does he/she care most about in this world?
  3. Ways to annoy this person?
  4. Pets?
  5. Contradictions?
  6. How would this character describe himself?
  7. Morality level?
My answers:
  1. They respect him but no one likes working with him; he makes them uncomfortable
  2. His sister and his niece first, then his job - although sometimes the latter takes precedence over the former.
  3. Lie.
  4. He has a cat named Oscar that mostly lives outside.
  5. Ah, now here's a hard one. I'm going to have to think about this one.
  6. That depends on who he was talking to. If he was talking to someone else he would highlight the positive aspects of his life: he likes his job and he's very good at it, but the truth is there's a lot of sorrow in Beck's life he hasn't gotten over - yet.
  7. Beck is basically an honest person, if he were a D&D character his alignment would be lawfully good.
Now it's your turn...


Liz A. said...

1. This is a hard one for me. The story is in first person, so she never has to know. It's probably better that she doesn't know, because it would play havoc with her well being.

2. Having a place where she fits in.

3. General jerkiness. Being too full of oneself.

4. No

5. She's very powerful, but she feels very small.

6. Considering that the whole story is her describing herself...

7. Not sure how to answer that. What are the "levels"?

mshatch said...

In regards to #1 she can't know, but as the author, maybe you can guess what the other characters think about her.

In regards to #7 How good or bad is she? Would she steal if she was hungry or would she never steal no matter what? There are actually some 'tests' you can take for your characters, just look up D&D alignment :)

Patchi said...

Hard questions, just what I needed...

1. A leader who inspires others to build a better world.
2. This is the hard one for me. River thought creating utopia was all that mattered until she discovered Laila didn't board the ship to the new world.
3. racism, sexism, injustice, bigotry
4. none--too much responsibility
5. People look up to her, but she feels like a fraud because Laila has always been her driving force.
6. A dreamer who has trouble putting her ideas into practice.
7. River works for the greater good, at least until I yank at her heartstrings.

Huntress said...

*copy and pasting this weeks post/questions to desktop*

mshatch said...

I like you r answer to #7 Patchi :)