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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Books and Cookies: Book Review for THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE

Well, my kids are officially out of school now, and after throwing a pool party to celebrate the end of school, we are definitely ready for summer vacation! I figured I'd let my kids have a few days of "free for all" before I crack the whip and put them on a schedule. We'll see...

So, I do have another book review for you today! I'm super excited about this one because this is a book I read recently and immediately fell in love with. It's true. I think I might have a crush on this book. And the author. :)

For starters, I loved the title: THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Doesn't it just sound pretty? And then the writing was beautiful and literary and oftentimes poetic. The book deals with death and grief, love and friendship, and all the quirkiness that makes families unique.

In this YA Contemporary novel, the MC, Lennie Walker, is an extremely likable character with a strong voice. Still reeling from the death of her sister, Lennie struggles to come to terms with what her life means now that her older sister is gone. She has to redefine herself and discover an inner strength she didn't know she possessed without her sister. But along her journey of self-discovery, she leaves trails of notes, poems, and memories of her and her sister that are found on scraps of paper, coffee cups, sheet music, etc. *Warning* Plan to have a box of tissues by your side, because the notes she scatters throughout her town are emotional and heart-breaking and truly raw.

Then there are those moments of light-heartedness and humor. And those moments where we as the reader fall in love at the same time she does. And of course, in order for her to grow, she must make choices that betray who she once was. And who she wants to be.

In the end, she's torn between "a boy who will help her remember and a boy who can make her forget."

It truly is a wonderful read, but be prepared to experience every emotion as you read this book. Be prepared to experience Lennie's highs as well as Lennie's lows. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

As for my review, I give this book 5 stars. Enough said.

Now for some cookies...

My husband loves Snickerdoodles, and while this isn't the recipe I use to make these cookies, this looks like a good one. If you love Snickerdoodles, you can find the recipe HERE.

Happy Baking and Reading!


Liz A. said...

Mmmm.... Snickerdoodles...

Sounds like an interesting read. When I'm in the mood for a good cry. Which I'm not at the moment (but that is subject to change).

Leandra Wallace said...

I've heard so much about Jandy Nelson being an amazing writer. I need to read her stuff! Have you had the snickerdoodles wrapped around a Rolo? Delish!

Kristin Smith said...

@Liz: Thankfully it's more of a "tear up" instead of a "tear-jerker." :)

@Leandra: She is an amazing writer, for sure! I've never tried those cookies with Rolo's, but they sound yummy! :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Wow! That sounds like an awesome read. And, the cookies look scrumptious. :)

Huntress said...

Remake was outstanding so I am expecting the same from this book. And yeah, love the title. It's almost a writing prompt in itself.

As my 1950s Betty Crocker cookbook says, " Snickerdoodles...fun to say, fun to eat."

dolorah said...

I think I need my 16 year old to get a job. He sleeps more than I do, and procrastinate mowing the lawn like I procrastinate writing!!