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Monday, September 29, 2014

An Agent's Take on a Query

 Critiques not only help with flow, grammar, etc, they show different tastes and enjoyments. Opinions do matter.

I had the pleasure of hearing an agent's critique of one of my queries. What was so cool about this crit is it confirm all my betas' opinions as well. 

Diamond Black is a wip that is waiting in the wings until I finish several other projects—my third book in The Magic Withheld series, for instance. I'll polish up Diamond then.

So what do you think? Still looking for queries or loglines. Send, send.


Patchi said...

Great to see where you're going after the Mage series. It seems like you have a good query, all you need to do is explain The Dark better.

It was the feedback on the queries for my previous MS that showed me the lack of stakes in the novel. When nothing you do fixes the query, the MS is the one with the problem...

Liz A. said...

That is some great feedback on the query. And now I'm curious to read this book.