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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Gem and Duds

We interrupt our usual schedule...

Sorry that I didn’t post on Thursday as I normally would. A colicky horse and a fifteen-year-old cat ruled my day. The horse needed walked to ease his severe belly pain and the cat was very ill. Both required my attention. I’m still not sure how they coordinated their actions though.


Books that didn’t rock my boat, like the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward are probably excellent reads. They just didn’t match my personality. The same with Fifty Shades by EL James. Yes, I did read it to do a review but couldn't get past the first chapter in the next one. I realize some folks love them. It just wasn't for me. Or as one says in a bad relationship, “it’s not you. It’s me” kind of sentiment.

And then there are books like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Larsson Stieg. Holy cannoli, I do not see what turned people on about that book. *shiver*


The last of my quiet winners is another book about the Yukon, Mrs. Mike by Nancy and Ben Freedman, a true story.

Katherine is a sixteen-year-old city-girl sent to the cold climates of Alberta for her health. There she meets and falls in love with Mike, a member of the Canadian Mounted Police. She isn’t ready for life in the wilderness and it nearly breaks her.

This might seem like a YA but don’t let the age of the protag fool you. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Prepare to weep.

I see that it is still listed at Amazon and ranked darn high too.

Check it out if you want a true story that you won't put down until the last page is turned.


mshatch said...

sorry, have to disagree with you again (but not about 50 Shades lol); I loved The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as well as it's sequels. I gobbled them up :)

Liz Blocker said...

I know, it's highly unpopular to say it, but it's such a relief to hear someone else say they didn't like 50 Shades. I couldn't get past page 20, I think. Sigh.

I tore through the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for my bookclub, but while I liked it and appreciated his storytelling and suspense, I was so disturbed by how graphic it was that I didn't read the sequels.

Robin said...

I have a friend who I met via blogging, even though she doesn't blog any longer. Anyway, we still email. She tells me (repeatedly) that I need to read 50 Shades just so that I know what really bad writing looks like. Hahahaha. I think to myself, "I struggle every day with really bad writing. Why would I want to read someone else's?"

Huntress said...

I neglected to say why I didn't care for, er, intensely disliked, okay hated Dragon Tattoo: everything we're taught to avoid when writing a book, this book violates, backstory especially. It's been a while since I read it. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

While I can stand some graphic passages they do turn me off.

I read it because my finger twitched on the 'buy' link. At 10 bucks, I HAD to read it. Then I did a review. Horrible writing and I didn't care for the violence. But the basic storyline was kinda good. It just got lost in the muddy waters.
Btw, you made me LOL. Good one.

Liz A. said...

I won't read Tattoo because I heard about how violent it was. I don't do that sort of story. I can't stomach it.

Haven't read 50 Shades. Don't plan to.