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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flash Me!

So in honor of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to put on a Flash Fiction writing challenge here at Unicorn Bell.

WHAT!? Are you Crazy!? We're writing our Butts off as it is!


But here's my logic.

First of all it's flash fiction. Totally the opposite of what you're (supposedly) doing every day with meeting your daily word count challenges, plotting, thinking, character development...blahblahblah. You know. Writing a NOVEL! In a MONTH! *tweak*

Second of all...I'm going to bet a puppy that a good deal of you have gotten to the point where you're either 1) Slightly burned out. 2) A tad bit Stuck or 3) Just all out Full Blown Writers Block.

The best way to fix that? Change of scenery. Write on a totally different project. For no reason. Except to have Fun! And win Totally Fabulous Prizes! *more on those in a minute*!

So. The Rules are very simple!  There are Three pictures below.

1) Choose a Picture as your Muse.

2) Your Flash Fiction Must be at LEAST 500 words but no more then 1500.

3) That's it!

4) Email your submissions to me at unicornbellsubmissions@gmail.com with Flash Fiction in the subject.

Have them in to me by Wednesday. I will post them and give my critiques.

THEN! Because this is a very simple contest, and I want to keep it fun...Based PURELY on comment count.

Friday! The Top Three will get their choice of prizes.  (So, whoever has the most comments is Grand Prize, second most comments second Place, then third most comments third place.)

Prizes are:  1) $10 Gift Card to Bn or Amazon. Which ever one floats your boat. 2) A first chapter critique by me! and 3) a Soft Cover copy of Tad Williams "Otherland".  (Which I hear people absolutely are amazed with...I wasn't too amazed with myself)

So. Without further ado...Get Writing! Hope to see some submissions!


Source: google.com via Alicia on Pinterest



mshatch said...

Ooh, sounds like fun. I'll have to think about it - altho I already read Otherland and liked it and the rest of the series quite a bit. I think it helps of you like gaming and dream of the day when it becomes totally immersive.

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

I hope it'll be fun! :) And I think that may have been what I was missing about the Otherland series. Normally I really like Tad Williams's stuff. That series not so much. Something about it.

DEZMOND said...

I do love it when somebody flashes me :) Always loved visual spectacles and treats :)