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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ah, you shy people. With no submissions, the moderator must punish you with one of her own.

Oh, well, if I must.

There is still time to submit a dialogue excerpt, something for critting or for bragging. But until then, here is a piece from Of Oak and Dragons.

Leah and her sentient rapier are at odds about a man who the rapier knows as Dragon, a killer. Leah isn't so sure.

I acknowledged the screaming rapier as I ran down the stairs.
“I guess this is stupid, but, lookit, he just doesn’t seem the destroyer type, Okay?”
“Gahh, you CANNOT be infatuated with him. This is just NOT possible!”
“Not infatuated, just interested, and checking out the enemy, all that stuff. This is a…reconnaissance mission...yeah, that’s it, I’m looking for information,” I said.
Sullen, the blade was quiet.
I checked the lane for cars. Still empty. “Besides, I want to meet this dealer.”
“You have to take me,” it said.
My eyes snapped to the rapier on the mantel.
“See, you cannot leave me for any significant time," it said. "We are bonded and separation results in a painful experience for both of us if you leave me behind.”
When I speculated on carrying a four-foot sword, the rapier snarled, PAY ATTENTION! I DISAPPEAR UNTIL YOU NEED ME!
The rapier cursed vehemently.
“Hey, hey, none of that buddy. Don’t be projecting that in my head.” I picked up the rapier and held it to the light. “Okay. So disappear already.”
A growling, Bite Me broke into my mind.
A car door slammed.
I held nothing, only an empty hand in the air. Hastily I dropped my arm and turned to the door aware of my racing heart.
Be careful, came a trailing thought, I will appear if you need me.
 And the rapier was gone.


Patchi said...

Great sample. I really like the talking rapier premise and I got a sense of their relationship. I was just not sure if all the talking was in Leah's head or aloud too. Also, the last sentence through me off. Does she mean the voice gone from her head? Because the actual rapier was gone when she "held nothing."

DEZMOND said...