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Friday, July 20, 2012

Questions about the School's In Query Contest

I only received one question through email, so if you have any questions, please ask now and we will answer them.

Question 1:
I'm going to sound like a complete neophyte, but... here goes: I have a couple completed (second draft) manuscripts that I'd like to get into someone's hands... but I have no CLUE how to write a query letter. What do I need to do? Is this contest for me?

My Answer:
YES! This is for you. The first two weeks are going to teach you how to write a query and give you the opportunity to get feedback and fine tune it before our editors read them. It's sort of a mini workshop, stretched out over two weeks. The best part is it's free, so check in every day and go for it!


Just remember, everything you can learn from feedback will only make you stronger. A year and a half ago I queried a small publisher who turned me down, but the short paragraph of advice they gave me really pushed my writing forward.

During the first week of "School" we'll be posting multiple times a day, spread out over the course of the day--sort of like a mini online conference:

  • The Purpose of a Query and How to Write One
  • Stalking/Researching Agents and Editors
  • Formatting Paper and E-queries
  • Submission Guidelines are Your Friend
  • Great Places to Read and Get Feedback on Queries
  • Sprinkle in some horrible queries showcasing everything you can do wrong, written by us here at UB just for fun
  • Short interviews with our guest judges introducing them and their company.
We may even have another surprise up our sleeves, but since I just thought of it I need to confer with my comrades. :)


Em-Musing said...

I'll be checking in, and I might have a submission or two. This sounds great.

Liza said...

I haven't written a query yet, but I'm inching closer. Looking forward to this!

Suzanne Furness said...

This sounds interesting will be checking in for updates!