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Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview with Editor Vicki Keire

I solemnly swear....
Vicki Keire

Hello all! You may not know me yet. I'm Sharon Bayliss, the newest contributor to Unicorn Bell. I am so happy to be joining this amazing team of writers! If you can't get enough of me, you can also visit my author's blog. This week I'll be hosting three interviews and two posts on craft. To start things off I would like to welcome a real-live editor! Vicki Keire is an editor at Curiosity Quills Press. She also happens to be a pretty amazing author...more on that at the end.

1) What is the editing process like for a novel at Curiosity Quills? What can a newly signed author expect?

Well, first, a great big welcome! But after that,we have a pre-editing process where the author makes sure his or her manuscript fits as best as possible with our house style guide. Then I like to find out what kind of expectations the author has for the book, because this is a really important element to me. Then I begin the editing process itself and get back to the author; we can repeat this part as many times as necessary, until everyone's happy. Then it goes to proofreading.

2) What are some of the common mistakes you run into when editing manuscripts?

Slow beginnings! Really, your first five pages should grab your reader and pull them right in. It's pretty common for writers to take a slower approach getting started, and by that time, our reader loses interest. Pacing is definitely something to watch out for, especially during the beginning.

3) What grammar/word use rules do you see violated the most?

Oh, comma splices and fragments! Commas are hard, I know. People capitalize improper nouns a lot, too.

4) In addition to be traditionally published, you have also self-published in the past. What editing tips do you have for authors who wish to self-publish?

It really comes down to two things: product, and marketing. You want to make sure you have the best, most polished product possible, especially a great cover. Marketing is mostly about effort, but it's an essential component. Befriend some book bloggers and get to know other authors in your genre- there's a thriving community of self-pubbers out there who are eager to help.

5) How does being an editor impact your writing? Does it make it easier, harder?

Both, actually. It's harder from a time point of view, because it's a job like any other, and I have to really guard my writing time. However, from a craft point of view, editing helps my writing a lot. I catch myself making mistakes and correct them as I'm going. It's also given me the freedom to know that writing is a drafting process, and that it's ok if a draft isn't where I'd like it; I'll have other chances to improve.

6) For people who are new to the series, tell us a little bit about The Chronicles of Nowhere.

Chronicles is about a girl who keeps having nightmares of a world burned to ash, and a strange boy who saves her from creatures that appear to be made of fire. Her parents insist it's just a nightmare, but when the boy shows up as a young man hell-bent on protecting her from those nightmares, she has to face a reality where the worst of two worlds now hunt her. It's mostly urban fantasy with lots of adventure and some romance too.

Vicki, thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your precious time with us. If you have more questions for Vicki, please post them in comments. The third installment in Vicki's Chronicles of Nowhere Series will be released soon, and as a shameless ploy to get you hopelessly addicted, the first two novels are discounted to only 99 cents for a limited time. Here they are!

Worlds Burn Through (Chronicles of Nowhere, Book One), by Vicki Keire

Shadowed Ground, by Vicki Keire - Cover 


Huntress said...

YowZa!! Those books look exactly like the kind I crave. Great titles and cover art.

Alicia C. said...

Nicely done. Lots of information in a very quick interview. I'll be sure to check out their website! Thanks Sharon and Vicki!

mshatch said...

Beautiful covers (we can all hope ours look so pretty, right0 and great reminder that writing is a process and our first draft is just that, a first draft. Excellent interview Sharon and Vicki! Thank you :)