An unselfish wish made on the horn of a unicorn will come true. Our wish? To support the writing community by giving constructive tips and criticism through submissions. Check out the submissions tab for more information. We can survive the crucible of fire together.


Welcome to Unicorn Bell!

Legend has it that an unselfish wish made on the horn of a unicorn will come true. Our wish at Unicorn Bell is to help and support the writing community as we go through the crucible of fire together. 

Each member of our team at UB has individual talents. In order to bring you a more consistent blogging experience, we are focusing those gifts into a regular weekly schedule. Send all submissions to unicornbellblogATgmailDotcom with the appropriate keyword in the subject line. See below for those keywords and guidelines. 

General guidelines:
  • You must be a follower to submit your work. 
  • Follow the word count parameters set by the moderator for the week. 
  • When you submit you work, include the appropriate title in the subject line. This will ensure it gets to the correct moderator.
  • If you have a specific question you want answered in regard to any critique submission, please ask it and we will post it with the submission.
  • If you submit, please comment on other submissions during the week. 
  • When you comment on submissions, please try to use the sandwich method. Say something positive. Point out areas you think could be tightened or clarified in a polite and courteous manner, and finally, say another positive thing.
We are currently accepting all genres for critique (finished and unfinished), except erotica.

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