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Marcy Hatch
When Jack McCabe gets the opportunity to go back in time, he jumps at it; it’s the adventure he always dreamed of. Until he meets a beautiful but deadly train robber. Katherine Kennedy can't believe an ignorant bounty hunter has mistaken her for a criminal – until she sees the picture, which looks exactly like her. Neither of them imagines how the past has a way of catching up with the present.

Set in the old west, this is a tale of mistaken identity, romance, and murder.

Yep. I finally did it. Published a book. Can you believe it? I almost can't except I actually got them in the mail, real live books! Ten of them! I don't think my feet touched the ground the rest of the day. It was pretty cool. 

You can find me here every six weeks or so, hopefully crittting, and I have another blog called mainewords where I post on writing, books, movies, birds, and First Impressions where author Dianne Salerni and I critique your first page. Currently I'm revising my YA Paranormal, PEACE & FORGIVENESS.

When I'm not writing or reading I love playing Skyrim, pc version, modded to hell, and I'm now Archmage of Winterhold, have acquired the Guldar amulet, and I tend to kill Thalmor on sight for fun. I also adore the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

You can contact me here: