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Friday, July 4, 2014

Getting Started With Freelance

Since we've been talking about ways for writers to make money, I thought I'd talk about freelancing and how to get started. Monday, I said non-fiction often paid well with more venues to sell your work and the strong possibility of selling on proposal, before you've actually done the work. This is true, but there are other things you can write to make money. Press releases, copywriting(marketing), and some companies even hire freelance technical writers. If you're a fiction expert you can also edit.

When you're freelancing, you're basically in business for yourself. The start-up costs for a freelance business is low, but all the things you would think through if you wanted to open a bistro or hat shop still need to be configured. So how do you get started? One blog I read said just start somewhere. And I understand what she means. You'll never get anywhere if you don't try. But I think it's a better idea to start with a plan. So to help you out with that, I've gathered some resources. The Savvy Freelancer has a 31 day guide to start up any kind of freelance business you want. It wouldn't even have to be writing. And she says she learned a lot from Mom Masterminds. And if you think press releases might be something you want to try your hand at, I found this free ebook to help you write better press releases. I've written press releases before and am enjoying the book.

I've made the leap into the freelance industry. You can find out why and what I'm offering here. I'm also giving away a $10 gift card and a couple of one chapter critiques to help kick off. And I've started a new blog to talk about my adventures with my daughter, real estate, and freelance writing here. But I'll still host your favorite romance blog ;). I just started the new blog yesterday and currently have no followers. So you could be the first. Please be the first! LOL.

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